Time After Time (2017) (2017)


Genre: Drama , Sci-fi

Plot: A young H.G. Wells travels through centuries, decades and days in the time machine he created. In the pursuit of the charismatic Dr. John Stevenson, better known as “Jack the Ripper,” Wells arrives in modern day New York City, searching for Stevenson after the doctor escapes authorities in Wells’ London home. But instead of the Utopia he imagined, Wells finds a world more aligned with Stevenson’s temperament ... Read More



Episode 12: The Second Hand Unwinds
Episode 11: I Fall Behind
Episode 10: Turned to Gray
Episode 9: You Will Find Me
Episode 8: If You're Lost
Episode 7: Suitcases of Memories
Episode 6: Caught Up in Circles
Episode 5: Picture Fades
Episode 4: Secrets Stolen
Episode 3: Out of Time
Episode 1: Pilot