Timber Kings (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: The most unique log homes on earth are custom built by master log-smiths in the small town of Williams Lake, British Columbia. Each one is handcrafted on site, then taken apart, shipped around the world, and reconstructed wherever the client wants. No one else can do it like the boys at Pioneer Log Homes. They are "Timber Kings." Read More



Episode 6: Going for Gold
Episode 4: Out of the Ashes
Episode 14: Barn Burner
Episode 13: Good as New
Episode 12: Great Expectations
Episode 11: Planes, Cranes and Automobiles
Episode 10: The Getaway
Episode 9: Out on a Limb
Episode 8: Cold War
Episode 7: Pig in Mud
Episode 6: Make a Mark
Episode 5: Active Duty
Episode 4: High Rollers
Episode 3: A Big Deal
Episode 2: Trial By Fire
Episode 1: Old Dog, New Tricks
Episode 10: The Boss Can Build
Episode 9: Arkansas Shuffle
Episode 8: German Efficiency
Episode 7: Wilderness Retreat
Episode 6: Peter in a Pickle
Episode 5: Jolly Ole Island
Episode 4: Hard Hat & Home
Episode 3: Heir Apparent
Episode 2: Gone Fishing
Episode 1: Truck Overboard