Thunderbirds (1965)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Drama , Family , Sci-fi

Plot: Thunderbirds are Go!! The year is 2065, and a secret organization called International Rescue has been created by multi-millionaire Jeff Tracy. The team consists of his five sons and brilliant engineer Brains. From their headquarters on Tracy Island somewhere in the South Pacific, International Rescue helps people in danger all over the world. Scott flies Thunderbird 1, a fast rocket often first on the scene. Virgil pilots Thunderbird 2, a heavy transport able to choose one of several pods of equipment. Thunderbird 3, a space rocket, is usually piloted by Alan. Gordon steers Thunderbird 4, an underwater rescue craft, and space station Thunderbird 5 is home to John, who listens to broadcasts from around the world looking for people in peril Read More



Episode 6: Give or Take a Million
Episode 5: Ricochet
Episode 4: Lord Parker's 'Oliday
Episode 3: Alias Mr. Hackenbacker
Episode 2: Path of Destruction
Episode 1: Atlantic Inferno
Episode 26: Security Hazard
Episode 25: The Cham-Cham
Episode 24: Martian Invasion
Episode 23: Attack of the Alligators
Episode 22: Brink of Disaster
Episode 21: The Duchess Assignment
Episode 20: Move - And You're Dead
Episode 19: Danger at Ocean Deep
Episode 18: Cry Wolf
Episode 17: The Man from M.I.5
Episode 16: The Imposters
Episode 15: City of Fire
Episode 14: The Mighty Atom
Episode 13: Vault of Death
Episode 12: Operation Crash-Dive
Episode 11: Sun Probe
Episode 10: The Uninvited
Episode 9: End of the Road
Episode 8: Desperate Intruder
Episode 7: 30 Minutes After Noon
Episode 6: Day of Disaster
Episode 5: Edge of Impact
Episode 4: Terror in New York City
Episode 3: The Perils of Penelope
Episode 2: Pit of Peril
Episode 1: Trapped in the Sky