Threshold (2005)


Genre: Action , Drama , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: Threshold was a science fiction drama television series that first aired on CBS in September 2005. Produced by Brannon Braga, David S. Goyer and David Heyman, the series focuses on a secret government project investigating the first contact with an extraterrestrial species. Read More



Episode 13: Alienville
Episode 12: Vigilante
Episode 11: Outbreak (a.k.a. Escalation)
Episode 10: The Crossing
Episode 9: Progeny
Episode 8: Revelations
Episode 7: The Order
Episode 6: Pulse
Episode 5: Shock
Episode 4: The Burning
Episode 3: Blood of the Children
Episode 2: Trees Made of Glass (2)
Episode 1: Trees Made of Glass (1)