This Old House (1979)


Genre: Documentary , Reality-tv

Plot: This Old House celebrates the fusion on old world craftsmanship and modern technology. Each season features two renovation projects. Project One traditionally consists of eighteen or more so episodes and is filmed in Massachusetts. Project Two is taped in a different region of the country to highlight the variety of American architectural styles and renovation issues. Read More



Episode 26: The Charleston Houses: Singular Single House
Episode 25: The Charleston Houses: Raise the Pergola
Episode 24: The Charleston Houses: Rainbow Row
Episode 23: The Charleston Houses: Smithies
Episode 22: The Charleston Houses: Rough Plumbing
Episode 21: The Charleston Houses: Good Wood
Episode 20: The Charleston Houses: Southern Roots
Episode 19: The Charleston Houses: Brick and Mortar
Episode 18: The Charleston Houses: Demo Time
Episode 17: The Charleston Houses: Southern Charm
Episode 16: The Newton Generation NEXT House: Move in Day
Episode 15: The Newton Generation NEXT House: Final Touches
Episode 14: The Newton Generation NEXT House: Homeowner Going the Distance
Episode 13: The Newton Generation NEXT House: Graduation Day
Episode 12: The Newton Generation NEXT House: Salvage Helps the Bottom Line
Episode 11: The Newton Generation NEXT House: Homeowners Pitch In
Episode 10: The Newton Generation NEXT House: Time for Trim
Episode 9: The Newton Generation NEXT House: Tommy’s Flair for Flares
Episode 8: The Newton Generation NEXT House: Duct Dynasty
Episode 7: The Newton Generation NEXT House: Approaching Half Way
Episode 6: The Newton Generation NEXT House: This Old House University
Episode 5: The Newton Generation NEXT House: All Decked Out
Episode 4: The Newton Generation NEXT House: Construction Gets a Jumpstart
Episode 3: The Newton Generation NEXT House: Generation Next Arrives
Episode 2: The Newton Generation NEXT House: A Few Good Landscapers
Episode 1: The Newton Generation NEXT House: A House for the Next Generation
Episode 26: Detroit | Rebirth in Detroit
Episode 25: Detroit | Going Old School for Tile and Molding
Episode 24: Detroit | Stain Glass Revival
Episode 23: Detroit | A Mason Steps Up
Episode 22: Detroit | Fixing the Fascia
Episode 21: Detroit | Plumbing Road Trip
Episode 20: Detroit | Windows of Detroit
Episode 19: Detroit | Down The Rehab Rabbit Hole
Episode 18: Detroit | Ready for Rehab
Episode 17: Detroit | Rebuilding Motor City
Episode 16: Arlington Arts & Crafts | An Arts & Craft for the Ages
Episode 15: Arlington Arts & Crafts | Details Make the House Beautiful
Episode 14: Arlington Arts & Crafts | Ship Lap for a Ship Shape House
Episode 13: Arlington Arts & Crafts | Decorative Touches Make the Difference
Episode 12: Arlington Arts & Crafts | Changes Start to Show
Episode 11: Arlington Arts & Crafts | Underground Energy
Episode 10: Arlington Arts & Crafts | Shedding the Old Look
Episode 9: Arlington Arts & Crafts | Arts and Crafts from Top to Bottom
Episode 8: Arlington Arts & Crafts | A New Look to Match the Old
Episode 7: Arlington Arts & Crafts | To Paint or Not to Paint
Episode 6: Arlington Arts & Crafts | One Brick at a Time
Episode 5: Arlington Arts & Crafts | A Steely Den
Episode 4: Arlington Arts & Crafts | Foundation Fundamentals
Episode 3: Arlington Arts & Crafts | Make Way for the Family Room
Episode 2: Arlington Arts & Crafts | A New Look, Inside and Out
Episode 1: Arlington Arts & Crafts | Arts and Crafts Class Begins
Episode 26: North Shore Farmhouse: What's New Is Old Again
Episode 25: North Shore Farmhouse: A Race to the Punch List
Episode 24: North Shore Farmhouse: House Requires Some Assembly
Episode 23: North Shore Farmhouse: Making New Look Old
Episode 22: North Shore Farmhouse: 400 Years of Home Technology
Episode 21: North Shore Farmhouse: Up On The Roof
Episode 20: North Shore Farmhouse: North Shore Framezilla
Episode 19: North Shore Farmhouse: Truck in the New House
Episode 18: North Shore Farmhouse: The North Shore Is a Blast
Episode 17: North Shore Farmhouse: This Old New House
Episode 16: Belmont Victorian: Goodbye Tired Old House
Episode 15: Belmont Victorian: The Final Countdown
Episode 14: Belmont Victorian: Inside Out Restoration
Episode 13: Belmont Victorian: What's Old Is New Again
Episode 12: Belmont Victorian: This Old Tree House
Episode 11: Belmont Victorian: Grinding Out the Details
Episode 10: Belmont Victorian: Victorian Warmth
Episode 9: Belmont Victorian: True Colors
Episode 8: Belmont Victorian: Antiques for an Antique House
Episode 7: Belmont Victorian: Victorian 2.0
Episode 6: Belmont Victorian: Opening the Entry
Episode 5: Belmont Victorian: It's Foundation Time
Episode 4: Belmont Victorian: It's All About Beams
Episode 3: Belmont Victorian: Bracing The Basement
Episode 2: Belmont Victorian: The Kitchen Came Tumbling Down
Episode 1: Belmont Victorian: Dude, Where's My Victorian
Episode 26: Veteran's House 2015: Part 3: A Home for Matt & Cat
Episode 25: Veteran's House 2015: Part 2: Adaptions & Accessibility
Episode 24: Veteran's House 2015: Part 1: Veteran's Special House Project
Episode 23: Lexington Project 2015: Part 15: Garrison No More
Episode 22: Lexington Project 2015: Part 14: Down to the Wire
Episode 21: Lexington Project 2015: Part 13: Finishing Details
Episode 20: Lexington Project 2015: Part 12: Mudroom, Ventilation, Kids' Rooms
Episode 19: Lexington Project 2015: Part 11: New Walk, Old Stone
Episode 18: Lexington Project 2015: Part 10: Designer Details
Episode 17: Lexington Project 2015: Part 9: Old to New
Episode 16: Lexington Project 2015: Part 8: Conservation Concerns
Episode 15: Lexington Project 2015: Part 7: Inspections
Episode 14: Lexington Project 2015: Part 6: Exterior Details
Episode 13: Lexington Project 2015: Part 5: Making Connections
Episode 12: Lexington Project 2015: Part 4: Smart Solutions
Episode 11: Lexington Project 2015: Part 3: Colonial Curb Appeal
Episode 10: Lexington Project 2015: Part 2: Footings & Framing
Episode 9: Lexington Project 2015: Part 1: Colonial Roots
Episode 8: Charlestown 2014: Part 8: A Rowhouse Reimagined
Episode 7: Charlestown 2014: Part 7: Rowhouse, Lighthouse
Episode 6: Charlestown 2014: Part 6: Kitchens and Baths
Episode 5: Charlestown 2014: Part 5: Gardens & Greek Revival Style
Episode 4: Charlestown 2014: Part 4: Wood and Water
Episode 3: Charlestown 2014: Part 3: A Bridge to Charlestown
Episode 2: Charlestown 2014: Part 2: Brick Rowhouse Blues
Episode 1: Charlestown 2014: Part 1: 35 Years of This Old House
Episode 26: Arlington 2014: Part 18: Italianate Renaissance
Episode 25: Arlington 2014: Part 17: Sod, Garbage Disposers, Crown Molding
Episode 24: Arlington 2014: Part 16: Decorative Details
Episode 23: Arlington 2014: Part 15: Made in the Shade
Episode 22: Arlington 2014: Part 14: Soapstone, Marble, Oval Picture Frame
Episode 21: Arlington 2014: Part 13: Brick, Trim and Tile
Episode 20: Arlington 2014: Part 12: Water Water Everywhere
Episode 19: Arlington 2014: Part 11: House vs. Nature
Episode 18: Arlington 2014: Part 10: Old World New World
Episode 17: Arlington 2014: Part 9: Deadliest Old House?
Episode 16: Arlington 2014: Part 8: Italianate Inspiration
Episode 15: Arlington 2014: Part 7: Arlington Heights
Episode 14: Arlington 2014: Part 6: Additional Details
Episode 13: Arlington 2014: Part 5: Getting to Level
Episode 12: Arlington 2014: Part 4: Quest for a Dry Basement
Episode 11: Arlington 2014: Part 3: Concrete Jungle
Episode 10: Arlington 2014: Part 2: Old House Discoveries
Episode 9: Arlington 2014: Part 1: A New Project
Episode 8: Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013 Part 8: One Year Later
Episode 7: Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013 Part 7: Stories From Sea Level
Episode 6: Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013 Part 6: Go With the Flow
Episode 5: Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013 Part 5: Lines in the Sand
Episode 4: Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013 Part 4: Built for Speed
Episode 3: Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013 Part 3: Getting to Work
Episode 2: Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013 Part 2: Drastic Measures
Episode 1: Jersey Shore Rebuilds 2013 Part 1: Sandy and the Jersey Shore
Episode 26: Los Angeles; So Long To Silver Lake
Episode 25: Los Angeles; More Spanish Style
Episode 24: Los Angeles; Spanish Plaster, Soapstone, and a Star
Episode 23: Los Angeles; Kevin Goes Hollywood
Episode 22: Los Angeles; Spanish Style; Stucco, Ornamental Iron, Hand Glazed Tile
Episode 21: Los Angeles; It Never Rains In California?
Episode 20: Los Angeles; Secrets of Silver Lake
Episode 19: Los Angeles; Roof Tiles & Richard's Water Story
Episode 18: Los Angeles; Only in LA
Episode 17: Los Angeles; This Old House Goes Hollywood, Almost
Episode 16: Auburndale; Transformation Complete!
Episode 15: Auburndale; Systems, Security and Surfaces Take Shape
Episode 14: Auburndale; Front Yard Transformation
Episode 13: Auburndale; Absolute Curb Appeal
Episode 12: Auburndale; Making the Most of Green Products
Episode 11: Auburndale; Planning for the Pergola
Episode 10: Auburndale; Landscape Decisions and a Duck Tour
Episode 9: Auburndale; Stucco, Kitchen Design, Roof, and Insulation
Episode 8: Auburndale; Shingles, Ductwork, Lights, and a Pocket Door
Episode 7: Auburndale; Progress On All Levels
Episode 6: Auburndale; The Artistry of This Old House and Jules Aarons
Episode 5: Auburndale; A New Approach to the House
Episode 4: Auburndale; Fixes, Framing, and Floods
Episode 3: Auburndale; Bringing in the Structure
Episode 2: Auburndale; Regulations and Challenges
Episode 1: Auburndale; A Ho-Hum House on The Charles River
Episode 26: Roxbury; One Less Foreclosure in Boston
Episode 25: Roxbury; Looking Back and Looking Ahead
Episode 24: Roxbury; Roxbury Past and Present
Episode 23: Roxbury; Custom Details
Episode 22: Roxbury; Oak Doors, Fireplace Surround
Episode 21: Roxbury; Help From Our Friends
Episode 20: Roxbury; Coming Together
Episode 19: Roxbury; More Trouble than We Thought
Episode 18: Roxbury; Mounting Challenges
Episode 17: Roxbury; Project with Purpose Begins
Episode 16: Newton Centre; The Finished Project
Episode 15: Newton Centre; Is the Island Too Big?
Episode 14: Newton Centre; Interior Painting Primer and Fabricating Our New Countertops
Episode 13: Newton Centre; The New Kitchen is Coming Together
Episode 12: Newton Centre; Stone, Tile and Oak Finishes
Episode 11: Newton Centre; Never Paint Again
Episode 10: Newton Centre; Inspired Openings and Insulating the House
Episode 9: Newton Centre; Radiant Heat, Two Ways
Episode 8: Newton Centre; Father and Son Lend a Hand
Episode 7: Newton Centre; Pruning Hemlocks and Checking in on This Old House Austin
Episode 6: Newton Centre; Making Room for New Windows
Episode 5: Newton Centre; New Gambrel Addition Takes Shape
Episode 4: Newton Centre; Origins of the Dutch Colonial Revival
Episode 3: Newton Centre; Work Begins, Homeowners Decide to Stay
Episode 2: Newton Centre; Quality, Not Quantity
Episode 1: Newton Centre; Welcome to Newton Centre
Episode 26: New York City; This Brownstone is Beautiful Once Again
Episode 25: New York City; Wood Finishes Restored to Original Brilliance
Episode 24: New York City; The Dream Team
Episode 23: New York City; Made In New York
Episode 22: New York City; Restoring and Replacing
Episode 21: New York City; Making it Their Own
Episode 20: New York City; In with the New
Episode 19: New York City; Preservation & Planning
Episode 18: New York City; Classic New York
Episode 17: New York City; A This Old House Brownstone in Brooklyn
Episode 16: Weston; The Weston Timberframe Complete
Episode 15: Weston; Amy Lends a Hand
Episode 14: Weston; LEED Requirements
Episode 13: Weston; Keeping it Green Outside
Episode 12: Weston; Natural Surfaces and the Latest Appliances
Episode 11: Weston; Making A Mark
Episode 10: Weston; Bringing Things Together
Episode 9: Weston; Rock Stars
Episode 8: Weston; Closing Up the House
Episode 7: Weston; Modular Rooms
Episode 6: Weston; Raising Timbers
Episode 5: Weston; Raising in the Rain
Episode 4: Weston; Prefabricating Inside and Out
Episode 3: Weston; Even the Foundation is Prefabricated!
Episode 2: Weston; House Plan Virtual Tour
Episode 1: Weston; A Prefab Timberframe Project House Begins
Episode 26: New Orleans | One Small Corner Restored
Episode 25: New Orleans | Only In New Orleans
Episode 24: New Orleans | Landscapes and NBA Legends
Episode 23: New Orleans | Recovery Continues
Episode 22: New Orleans | Back on Track
Episode 21: New Orleans | First Builder Falls Through
Episode 20: New Orleans | Saints in the City
Episode 19: New Orleans | French Quarter, Shotgun Colors
Episode 18: New Orleans | Camelbacks, Bargeboard, and Toxic Mold
Episode 17: New Orleans | Return to New Orleans, Post Katrina
Episode 16: Newton: Winter Wrap Party
Episode 15: Newton: Grout, Closets, and a Clawfoot Tub
Episode 14: Newton: In Memory of Joe Ferrante
Episode 13: Newton: Getting the Details Right
Episode 12: Newton: Garage Nightmare and Garbage Disposers
Episode 11: Newton: Bringing Light Throughout
Episode 10: Newton: Bluestone and a Historic Billiards Room
Episode 9: Newton: Pests, Decking, and AC
Episode 8: Newton: Fieldstone, Replacement Windows, and Teak
Episode 7: Newton: Salvage, Progress, and Pink Granite
Episode 6: Newton: Exterior Paint Colors, Stained-Glass Window
Episode 5: Newton: Retaining Wall, Historic Wallcovering
Episode 4: Newton: Framing, Wiring, and an Unfitted Kitchen
Episode 3: Newton: Prepwork and Inspiration
Episode 2: Newton: Big Plans
Episode 1: Newton: Move or Improve
Episode 26: Austin; Finished House and Five Stars!
Episode 25: Austin; Green is Good
Episode 24: Austin; Harvesting Water and Wind
Episode 23: Austin; Keeping Austin Weird
Episode 22: Austin; Trethewey in Texas
Episode 21: Austin; The Great State of Texas
Episode 20: Austin; Chasing Five Stars
Episode 19: Austin; Where Green Building Was Born
Episode 18: East Boston | Upstairs, Downstairs–Complete!
Episode 17: East Boston | The House With the White Picket Fence
Episode 16: East Boston | Off To The Races
Episode 15: East Boston | Modern, Traditional, and Boston Light
Episode 14: East Boston | Floors in Eastie and at the BSO
Episode 13: East Boston | Patching Walls, Inside and Out
Episode 12: East Boston | Roofing, Shower Pan, Surge Suppression
Episode 11: East Boston | Renovating in Eastie
Episode 10: East Boston | On The Waterfront
Episode 9: East Boston | Local Heroes
Episode 8: East Boston | Progress, Patching and Packing Up
Episode 7: East Boston | Ivy Be Gone
Episode 6: East Boston | Salvage, Chimney, Attic, and the ICA
Episode 5: East Boston | Refrigerator, Hot Plate, and Bad Larry
Episode 4: East Boston | Urban Garden, Asbestos, City Sewer
Episode 3: East Boston | Design and Demolition
Episode 2: East Boston | Stucco and Sewer Problems
Episode 1: East Boston | A Tale of Two Homes
Episode 26: Washington, DC | A Home Saved
Episode 25: Washington, DC | Surface Finishes
Episode 24: Washington, DC | The Outside is Shaping Up, Too
Episode 23: Washington, DC | Beautiful Historic Restorations
Episode 22: Washington, DC | A Rebuilt Structure
Episode 21: Washington, DC | Honoring the Past, Looking Toward the Future
Episode 20: Washington, DC | Setbacks Open Up New Ideas
Episode 19: Washington, DC | Reviving an Abandoned 1879 Rowhouse
Episode 18: Cambridge | A Red Box Becomes a Show House
Episode 17: Cambridge | Things Are Coming Together
Episode 16: Cambridge | Modern Conveniences in a Modern Home
Episode 15: Cambridge | Contemporary Design Elements
Episode 14: Cambridge | Fine Craftsmanship
Episode 13: Cambridge | Interior Finishes Begin
Episode 12: Cambridge | Dramatic Staircase
Episode 11: Cambridge | Rain Slows Some Progress
Episode 10: Cambridge | Creating a Dramatic Entryway
Episode 9: Cambridge | A Water-Feature Welcome
Episode 8: Cambridge | Real Stone, Flat Roof
Episode 7: Cambridge | Water Damage Brings Opportunity
Episode 6: Cambridge | High-Tech Heating and Cooling
Episode 5: Cambridge | The Cost of Poor Workmanship
Episode 4: Cambridge | Longfellow's House
Episode 3: Cambridge | Worst-Case Scenario
Episode 2: Cambridge | Modernize, Again
Episode 1: Cambridge | A Modern Old House
Episode 26: A Farmhouse for the Next 100 Years - The Carlisle House
Episode 25: More Designer Show House - The Carlisle House
Episode 24: Designer Show House - The Carlisle House
Episode 23: All the Comforts of Home - The Carlisle House
Episode 22: Modern Conveniences - The Carlisle House
Episode 21: Mantel Troubles - The Carlisle House
Episode 20: Prefab Meets Custom - The Carlisle House
Episode 19: Keeping It Old - The Carlisle House
Episode 18: Shutting Out the Cold - The Carlisle House
Episode 17: History of the Greek-Revival - The Carlisle House
Episode 16: New Technologies for an Old Farmhouse - The Carlisle House
Episode 15: Living in a Barn - The Carlisle House
Episode 14: Enhancing the Home With Stone and Paint - The Carlisle House
Episode 13: Digging for Water - The Carlisle House
Episode 12: Many Hands Make a Beautiful Fireplace - The Carlisle House
Episode 11: Design Elements Make a House Special - The Carlisle House
Episode 10: Shaping the Spaces - The Carlisle House
Episode 9: Envisioning the Kitchen - The Carlisle House
Episode 8: Not Your Grandfather's Farmhouse - The Carlisle House
Episode 7: Passing on the Trades - The Carlisle House
Episode 6: Prefab Systems Speed Things Up - The Carlisle House
Episode 5: Foundation Installation Begins - The Carlisle House
Episode 4: Saving Old Barns for New Homes - The Carlisle House
Episode 3: A Different Kind of Barn Raising - The Carlisle House
Episode 2: Appreciating the Past - The Carlisle House
Episode 1: Celebrating 25 Years of Home Renovation - The Carlisle House
Episode 26: Finishing the Project, Bermuda-Style - The Bermuda House
Episode 25: Beautiful Finishes Create Beautiful Spaces - The Bermuda House
Episode 24: Challenges and Rewards of Island Building - The Bermuda House
Episode 23: Making Way for the Custom Built Mantel - The Bermuda House
Episode 22: Collecting Water - The Bermuda House
Episode 21: Appreciating a Whole Different Type of Construction - The Bermuda House
Episode 20: Restoring the Inn with Native Limestone - The Bermuda House
Episode 19: Sailing the Atlantic for the Next Project in Bermuda - The Bermuda House
Episode 18: Once a Barn, Now a Beautiful Home - The Concord Cottage
Episode 17: One Installation After Another - The Concord Cottage
Episode 16: Making and Installing Engineered Flooring - The Concord Cottage
Episode 15: Everyone’s Here to Get the Job Done - The Concord Cottage
Episode 14: Custom Details Give the Cottage Personal Touches - The Concord Cottage
Episode 13: Lots of Activity Outside - The Concord Cottage
Episode 12: Access to and Visions of a Beautiful Yard - The Concord Cottage
Episode 11: Creating a Safe and Beautiful Home for Elders - The Concord Cottage
Episode 10: Cottage Living with the Future in Mind - The Concord Cottage
Episode 9: Charming Touches for the Cottage - The Concord Cottage
Episode 8: Residential Window Manufacturing - The Concord Cottage
Episode 7: The Beauty and Challenges of Creating Small Living Spaces - The Concord Cottage
Episode 6: Adding to the Project - The Concord Cottage
Episode 5: Electrifying the Little Cottage - The Concord Cottage
Episode 4: It's Starting to Look Like a Cottage - The Concord Cottage
Episode 3: Nothing is as Easy as it Looks - The Concord Cottage
Episode 2: Roadblocks to Turning a Former Chicken Coop into a Cottage - The Concord Cottage
Episode 1: Turning a Garden Shed into a Home - The Concord Cottage