This Life (1996)


Genre: Drama

Plot: In This Life, a group of attractive, badly-behaved lawyers live in a posh house in London and spend their time engaged in emotional crises, usually over wanting to sleep with each other. It was a British thirtysomething, Friends, and Ally McBeal all rolled into one. Shot mainly in jerky close-ups and intercut with trendy music of the time, it had gained huge ratings by the end of the decade. - In 2004 a South African version of This Life (closely based on the UK series and story) was filmed and screened on SABC3 TV for 10 months. Read More



Episode 21: Apocalypse Wow!
Episode 20: Secrets and Wives
Episode 19: Milly Liar
Episode 18: Diet Hard
Episode 17: The Secret Of My Excess
Episode 16: One Bedding and a Funeral
Episode 15: From Here To Maternity
Episode 14: Who's That Girl?
Episode 13: Wish You Were Queer
Episode 12: The Plumber Always Rings Twice
Episode 11: She's Gotta Get It
Episode 10: When the Dope Comes In
Episode 9: Men Behaving Sadly
Episode 8: Room With a Queue
Episode 7: He's Leaving Home
Episode 6: Unusual Suspect
Episode 5: Small Town Boyo
Episode 4: How To Get In Bed By Advertising
Episode 3: The Bi Who Came In From The Cold
Episode 2: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Episode 1: Last Tango In Southwark
Episode 11: Let's Get It On
Episode 10: Father Figure
Episode 9: Just Sex
Episode 8: Cheap Thrills
Episode 7: Brief Encounter
Episode 6: Family Outing
Episode 5: Fantasy Football
Episode 4: Sex, Lies and Muesli Yoghurt
Episode 3: Living Dangerously
Episode 2: Happy Families
Episode 1: Coming Together