The Worst Witch (1998)


Genre: Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Family , Fantasy

Plot: Mildred (Milly) Hubble came to Cackle's Academy to start her new life as a witch. On the first day of school, she arrived late to school, crashing into the school grounds – not a very good start to the first day of school at all! Even though her spells turn into a disaster and she can't fly her broomstick, she always saves the day! Read More



Episode 13: The Gate of Power
Episode 12: The Whisperer
Episode 11: Shaky Foundations
Episode 10: Good Friends
Episode 9: The Golden Cauldron
Episode 8: The Seventh Sense
Episode 7: Dr. Foster, I Presume!
Episode 6: Dreamcatcher
Episode 5: All That Jazz
Episode 4: The End of Misery's
Episode 3: The Gargoyle
Episode 2: Never on Friday
Episode 1: The All-Seeing Eye
Episode 14: The Uninvited
Episode 13: The Unfairground
Episode 12: The Lost Chord
Episode 11: Better Dead Than Co-Ed
Episode 10: Power Drill
Episode 9: Art Wars
Episode 8: Cinderella in Boots
Episode 7: Just Like Clockwork
Episode 6: The Hair Witch Project
Episode 5: Learning the Hard Way
Episode 4: The Witchy Hour
Episode 3: Which Witch is Which?
Episode 2: An Unforgettable Experience
Episode 1: Secret Society
Episode 13: The Millennium Bug
Episode 12: Green Fingers and Thumbs
Episode 11: Fair Is Foul and Fouls Are Fair
Episode 10: Up in the Air
Episode 9: The Genius of the Lamp
Episode 8: The Dragon's Hoard
Episode 7: Carried Away
Episode 6: Animal Magic
Episode 5: The Inspector Calls
Episode 4: Crumpets for Tea
Episode 3: It's a Frog's Life
Episode 2: Alarms and Diversions
Episode 1: Old Hats and New Brooms
Episode 13: A Bolt From The Blue
Episode 12: Sweet Talking Guys
Episode 11: Let Them Eat Cake
Episode 10: Sorcery and Chips
Episode 9: The Heat Is On
Episode 8: The Great Oudoors
Episode 7: Miss Cackle's Birthday Surprise
Episode 6: Monkey Business
Episode 5: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
Episode 4: A Mean Hallowe'en
Episode 3: A Pig In a Poke
Episode 2: When We Feast At The Midnight Hour
Episode 1: The Battle Of The Broomsticks