The Whitest Kids U Know (2007)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Coming from across the US to New York City -- some to study, others to start their entertainment careers in earnest -- the Kids would eventually meet each other and realize they all shared a dream-to become the sketch comedy players of their generation. Together, they began to create sketch comedy that pushed the envelope right off the table, first on the stage of Pianos in NYC's Lower East Side, and now on and on the Channel. With such YouTube instant classics as "Slow Jerkin" and "Hitler Rap", the Whitest Kids U'Know are doing things that other sketch comedy shows, like Saturday Night Live and MadTV, can't even imagine doing. In other words, the Kids think that both the SNL crew and the MadTV guys are about as funny as finding a new mole on your chest after a summer spent life guarding. In short, those other shows are punk-ass and weak Read More



Episode 10: Mom Phone, It Was Pretty Good, Sophomores
Episode 9: Worst Orchestra, Come Down Here, Spaghettios, Homeless Show, Cactus Wasp
Episode 8: Timmy Future, Baby Traits, Horse Announcer
Episode 7: Going Home Alone, Liquor Store Robbery, Pledge of Allegiance, Escape Artist
Episode 6: Dad Will Take Care of It, Bad Drivers, Hot Sister, Making Animals Kiss
Episode 5: Black Light, Stork Factory, CW5
Episode 4: Firetruck Pullover, Spanking Dads, Careful Commandos, Teachers' Union, Didgeradoo
Episode 3: Jizzle, Ants!, Darren & the Giraffe, Bikini Day
Episode 2: Slo-mo Squirrel, Wedding Flip-Flop, Ocean 2.0, First Date
Episode 1: Baked Beans, War Letter, Finger Ring Friends
Episode 10: Halloweiner, Things We Need, Landmine Factory, Job Interview Mess Up
Episode 9: Babe Magnet, Freaky Thursday, One of You is, Hell's Kitchen
Episode 8: Valentine's Day, Simple Chore, Pun Army, Chad's Rad
Episode 7: Cash Quiz, Great Grandmas, History Reset
Episode 6: John Cleese, 50 Cal Bar, Juror
Episode 5: Jumbo Tron, Kid Mechanic, Bananas
Episode 4: Old Man Winters, Booger Blasters, Moon Landing
Episode 3: Spaghetti Dinner Date, Mission Impossible, Walk of Shame
Episode 2: You Talkin' to Me, Dr. Kyle, Changing Channels
Episode 1: Grandma's Cookies, My Mouth Stuck Open, Alien Autopsy
Episode 20: Another Astronaut Sketch, Not Particularly Sure, Maroon President, Bathroom Camera
Episode 19: Jerkocaust, Trophy Coach, Helicopter Wife Cheating
Episode 18: Edge of Space, Daddy with a Donkey, T-Shirt, The Hippo Song
Episode 17: Wheel of Money, Butler Sketch, Hiking Documentary, Backseat
Episode 16: Courtroom Stripper, Dad Story, Life Goes Alien
Episode 15: Suicide Show, Anarchy, RC Glow
Episode 14: Grapist, Lottery, Ronnie, John & George
Episode 13: Genie, Epilepsy Test, Throw Up Employee
Episode 12: Mustard Gas, Kindergarden Cons, Table Monster
Episode 11: Shitchest Boner Neck, Crack, What is it Baby, Last Action Hero
Episode 10: Shoshan, Lawnmower Dad, Elves, Blue Hair
Episode 9: Horses Love, Lovliest Bride, Fight Club, Pop Tart
Episode 8: Tit Slap, John Hancock, Bad Dominatrix, Bobo The Monkey
Episode 7: Asian Hooker Business, Skatefall, Earthquake, Bonersong
Episode 6: Trent Reznor, Homeschool, Telekinesis, Dog Park
Episode 5: Presidential Props, Island Cannibal, Helicopter Door, Super Dog
Episode 4: Foot Touch Oh Gross Gay Sketch, Bad Panda, Gandalf
Episode 3: Water Balloons, Hot Dog Timmy, JJ Marvin
Episode 2: Little Rascals, Call of Duty, God Says Song
Episode 1: Chaplin, Bible Stories, Feline Delights, Dumb Newscast, Car Dealership
Episode 10: Blind Guys, Sonic Gets Mugged, The Dinosaur Rap
Episode 9: Invincible Kid, Keg Stand Dad, Virtual Reality
Episode 8: Face Off, Auto Erotic, Good Morning Dad
Episode 7: Tar Toast, Drunk Dad, Time Travel Friends
Episode 6: Forest Whitaker, Period Sketch, Our Label Is Run By Homos
Episode 5: Reverse Psychology, Kicking Guy, Whale Tail, Nail Gun
Episode 4: Forever Puppies, Francis Scott Key, Opus
Episode 3: Weird, Jack And Oswald, Totally Gay For America
Episode 2: Never Song, Feeler Doc, Blue Whale Dick
Episode 1: Sam's Nut, Neil & Buzz, Air Dry
Episode 10: We Gon' Make Love, Motorcycle Mama, Mountain of Chairs
Episode 9: Glory Hole, Attention Guy, Tattoo Parlor
Episode 8: Acting Class, Pie, Demon Ouija Board
Episode 7: Dear Black People, Accidental Puke, Kool-Aid
Episode 6: Slow Jerk, Bigfoot, Race War
Episode 5: Dating Game, You're Peeing on My Leg, John Wilkes Booth
Episode 4: Scaring Babies, Funeral Request, Opposite Day Lawyer
Episode 3: Cubicle Boss, Pimp Pun Disaster, Whiskey Super Size
Episode 2: Movie Pitching Guy, Whip Boy, Brothers in Arms
Episode 1: Hitler Rap, Sexy Fawn, Get a New Daddy