The Universe (2005)


Genre: Documentary , History

Plot: From the planets to the stars and out to the edge of the unknown, history and science collide in this epic exploration of the Universe and its mysteries. It's a very old universe. Yet just 50 years since man first ventured into outer space, the heavens are yielding their greatest secrets. Robotic rovers give us eyes on the red rock of Mars--NASA probes slam into comets at hyper speed--deep-space telescopes capture violent images of the birth of stars and their collapse into black holes. All have significantly changed the way we see ourselves. We wonder, is there anywhere else out there that that can support life? Episodes examine how discoveries were made and the scientists and explorers who dared to venture into the uncharted territory of the universe. Read More



Episode 6: Roman Engineering
Episode 5: Predicting the Future
Episode 4: Alien Worlds
Episode 3: Apocalyptic Visions
Episode 2: The Eye of God
Episode 1: Omens of Doom
Episode 7: When Space Changed History
Episode 6: Ride the Comet
Episode 5: Microscopic Universe
Episode 4: Deep Freeze
Episode 3: Our Place in the Milky Way
Episode 2: Alien Sounds
Episode 1: How Big, How Far, How Fast
Episode 7: God and the Universe
Episode 6: UFO: The Real Deal
Episode 5: Worst Days on Planet Earth
Episode 4: Crash Landing on Mars
Episode 3: How the Solar System was Made
Episode 2: Nemesis: The Sun's Evil Twin
Episode 1: Catastrophes that Changed the Planets
Episode 8: Dark Future of the Sun
Episode 7: Total Eclipse
Episode 6: Asteroid Attack
Episode 5: Secrets of the Space Probes
Episode 4: Time Travel
Episode 3: Magnetic Storm
Episode 2: Mars: The New Evidence
Episode 1: 7 Wonders of the Solar System
Episode 12: Extreme Energy
Episode 11: Science Fiction. Science Fact.
Episode 10: Pulsars & Quasars
Episode 9: Liquid Universe
Episode 8: Space Wars
Episode 7: The Search for Cosmic Clusters
Episode 6: 10 Ways to Destroy the Earth
Episode 5: The Hunt for Ringed Planets
Episode 4: Biggest Blasts
Episode 3: It Fell from Space
Episode 2: The Day the Moon Was Gone
Episode 1: Death Stars
Episode 12: Cosmic Phenomena
Episode 11: Edge of Space
Episode 10: Strangest Things
Episode 9: Another Earth
Episode 8: Stopping Armageddon
Episode 7: Living in Space
Episode 6: Deadly Comets and Meteors
Episode 5: Alien Faces
Episode 4: Sex In Space
Episode 3: Light Speed
Episode 2: Parallel Universes
Episode 1: Deep Space Disasters
Episode 18: Cosmic Apocalypse
Episode 17: Gravity
Episode 16: Biggest Things in Space
Episode 15: Wildest Weather in the Cosmos
Episode 14: Nebulas
Episode 13: Colonizing Space
Episode 12: Cosmic Collisions
Episode 11: Unexplained Mysteries
Episode 10: Constellations
Episode 9: Supernovas
Episode 8: Space Travel
Episode 7: Astrobiology
Episode 6: Dark Matter
Episode 5: Alien Moons
Episode 4: The Milky Way
Episode 3: Mysteries of the Moon
Episode 2: Cosmic Holes
Episode 1: Alien Planets
Episode 14: Beyond the Big Bang
Episode 13: Search for ET
Episode 12: The Most Dangerous Place in the Universe
Episode 11: The Outer Planets
Episode 10: Life and Death of a Star
Episode 9: Alien Galaxies
Episode 8: Saturn: Lord of the Rings
Episode 7: The Inner Planets: Mercury & Venus
Episode 6: Spaceship Earth
Episode 5: The Moon
Episode 4: Jupiter: The Giant Planet
Episode 3: The End of the Earth: Deep Space Threats to our Planet
Episode 2: Mars: The Red Planet
Episode 1: Secrets of the Sun