The Time Tunnel (1966)


Genre: Na , Action , Adventure , Sci-fi

Plot: Scientists Tony Newman and Doug Phillips are the young heads of Project Tic-Toc, a multi-billion dollar government installation buried beneath the desert. They have invented a Time Tunnel, which will allow people to visit anywhere in time and space. While testing the tunnel for an impatient senator, Newman and Phillips became trapped in time, and each week coincidentally found themselves at the site of an important historical event, be it the Siege of Troy, the sinking of the Titanic or an assassination attempt on President Lincoln. Sometimes they traveled into the future, and battled alien invaders. Ann MacGregor, Gen. Kirk and Dr. Swain are the scientists trying to fix the malfunctioning Time Tunnel and bring Doug and Tony back to the present (1968). Read More



Episode 30: Town of Terror
Episode 29: Raiders from Outer Space
Episode 28: The Kidnappers
Episode 27: Merlin the Magician
Episode 26: Attack of the Barbarians
Episode 25: The Death Merchant
Episode 24: Chase Through Time
Episode 23: Pirates of Deadman's Island
Episode 22: Billy the Kid
Episode 21: Idol of Death
Episode 20: The Walls of Jericho
Episode 19: The Ghost of Nero
Episode 18: Visitors from Beyond the Stars
Episode 17: Kill Two by Two
Episode 16: The Revenge of Robin Hood
Episode 15: Invasion
Episode 14: Night of the Long Knives
Episode 13: The Alamo
Episode 12: The Death Trap
Episode 11: Secret Weapon
Episode 10: Reign of Terror
Episode 9: Devil's Island
Episode 8: Massacre
Episode 7: Revenge of the Gods
Episode 6: Crack of Doom
Episode 5: The Last Patrol
Episode 4: The Day the Sky Fell In
Episode 3: End of the World
Episode 2: One Way to the Moon
Episode 1: Rendezvous with Yesterday