The Thundermans (2013)


Plot: Meet the Thundermans, a typical suburban family that happens to have astounding superpowers. At the center of the action are the 14-year-old Thunderman twins, who share a bathroom, attend the same school, and endure the same annoying little siblings. Their only difference? The sister is a super student with a super-sunny disposition who super looks forward to being a superhero someday, and her twin brother is a super villain. Read More



Episode 29: The Thundredth
Episode 28: Mad Max: Beyond Thunderhome
Episode 27: All the President's Thunder-Men
Episode 26: Cookie Mistake
Episode 25: Side-Kicking and Screaming
Episode 24: Make it Pop Pop
Episode 23: Rhythm n' Shoes
Episode 22: Significant Brother
Episode 21: Nowhere to Slide
Episode 20: Revenge of the Smith
Episode 19: Can't Hardly Date
Episode 18: Z's All That
Episode 17: Save The Past Dance
Episode 16: Thunder in Paradise (2)
Episode 15: Thunder in Paradise (1)
Episode 14: Come What Mayhem
Episode 13: Super Dupers
Episode 12: 21 Dump Street
Episode 11: May Z-Force Be With You
Episode 10: Ditch Perfect
Episode 9: Orange is the New Max
Episode 8: Date of Emergency
Episode 7: Parks & T-Rex
Episode 6: Better Off Wed
Episode 5: Max to the Future
Episode 4: Smells Like Team Spirit
Episode 3: Thundermans: Banished (2)
Episode 2: Thundermans: Banished (1)
Episode 1: Happy Heroween
Episode 25: Thundermans: Secret Revealed (1)
Episode 24: Back to School
Episode 23: Stealing Home
Episode 22: Aunt Misbehavin
Episode 21: Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs
Episode 20: Can't Spy Me Love
Episode 19: Beat the Parents
Episode 18: I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka
Episode 17: Chutes and Splatters
Episode 16: Original Prankster
Episode 15: Dog Day After-School
Episode 14: Kiss Me, Nate
Episode 13: He Got Game Night
Episode 12: Date Expectations
Episode 11: No Country for Old Mentors
Episode 10: Give Me a Break-Up
Episode 9: Patch Me If You Can
Episode 8: Floral Support
Episode 7: Doppel-Gamers
Episode 6: Evil Never Sleeps
Episode 5: Are You Afraid of the Park?
Episode 4: Exit Stage Theft
Episode 3: Why You Buggin'?
Episode 2: On the Straight and Arrow
Episode 1: Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel
Episode 24: A Hero is Born
Episode 23: The Girl With The Dragon Snafu
Episode 22: One Hit Thunder
Episode 21: Call of Lunch Duty
Episode 20: Cape Fear
Episode 19: It's Not What You Link
Episode 18: Mall Time Crooks
Episode 17: The Amazing Rat Race
Episode 16: Who's Your Mommy
Episode 15: Doubles Trouble
Episode 14: You've Got Fail
Episode 13: The Neverfriending Story
Episode 12: Meet the Evilmans
Episode 11: Parents Just Don't Thunderstand
Episode 10: Winter Thunderland
Episode 9: Change of Art
Episode 8: Cheer and Present Danger
Episode 7: Blue Detective
Episode 6: Shred It Go
Episode 5: Haunted Thundermans
Episode 4: Pheebs Will Rock You
Episode 3: Max's Minions
Episode 2: Four Supes and a Baby
Episode 1: Thunder Van
Episode 20: Breaking Dad
Episode 19: Up Up and Vacay
Episode 18: Paging Dr. Thundermans
Episode 17: Pretty Little Choirs
Episode 16: Nothing to Lose Sleepover
Episode 15: Have an Ice Birthday
Episode 14: Phoebe's a Clone Now
Episode 13: Thundersense
Episode 12: Restaurant Crashers
Episode 11: Going Wonkers
Episode 10: Crime After Crime
Episode 9: Weird Science Fair
Episode 8: You Stole My Thunder, Man
Episode 7: Weekend Guest
Episode 6: This Looks Like a Job For
Episode 5: Ditch Day
Episode 4: Report Card
Episode 3: Dinner Party
Episode 2: Phoebe vs. Max
Episode 1: Adventures in Supersitting