The Suite Life on Deck (2008)


Plot: This is the spin-off of the hit Disney Channel Original Series, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." The series follows twin brothers Zack and Cody Martin, London Tipton, and Mr. Moseby aboard the luxurious cruise liner, SS Tipton. While on the ship, the kids enroll in a semester-at-sea program, leaving Moseby in charge of the kids on the ship. The ship, owned by London's father, will cruise around the world, with tourists and students attending classes on Deck Eight- the one school that Mr. Tipton believes will make his daughter a better student. While living on the ship, expect Zack and Cody to still have their compass towards mischief. Read More



Episode 22: Graduation on Deck
Episode 21: Prom Night
Episode 20: Snakes On a Boat
Episode 19: Twister (3)
Episode 18: Twister (2)
Episode 17: Twister (1)
Episode 16: The Play's the Thing
Episode 15: A London Carol
Episode 14: Frozen
Episode 13: My Sister's Keeper
Episode 12: Senior Ditch Day
Episode 11: The Ghost and Mr. Martin
Episode 10: Trouble In Tokyo
Episode 9: Love and War
Episode 8: Party On!
Episode 7: Computer Date
Episode 6: Bon Voyage
Episode 5: Das Boots
Episode 4: My Oh Maya
Episode 3: So You Think You Can Date?
Episode 2: Rat Tale
Episode 1: Silent Treatment
Episode 28: Breakup in Paris
Episode 27: Mean Chicks
Episode 26: Starship Tipton
Episode 25: Seven Seas News
Episode 24: I Brake for Whales
Episode 23: Rock the Kasbah
Episode 22: Model Behavior
Episode 21: Marriage 101
Episode 20: Once Upon a Suite Life
Episode 19: London's Apprentice
Episode 18: Can You Dig It?
Episode 17: Rollin' With the Holmies
Episode 16: Any Given Fantasy
Episode 15: The Defiant Ones
Episode 14: Mother of the Groom
Episode 13: The Swede Life
Episode 12: The Beauty and the Fleeced
Episode 11: Bermuda Triangle
Episode 10: Crossing Jordin
Episode 9: Roomies
Episode 8: Lost at Sea
Episode 7: Goin' Bananas
Episode 6: Family Thais
Episode 5: Smarticle Particles
Episode 4: Kitchen Casanova
Episode 3: In the Line of Duty
Episode 2: Ala-ka-scram!
Episode 1: The Spy Who Shoved Me
Episode 21: Double-Crossed (II)
Episode 20: Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
Episode 19: Mulch Ado About Nothing
Episode 18: Splash & Trash
Episode 17: The Wrong Stuff
Episode 16: Mom and Dad On Deck
Episode 15: Shipnotized
Episode 14: When in Romeā€¦
Episode 11: seaHarmony
Episode 10: Boo You
Episode 9: Flowers and Chocolate
Episode 8: Sea Monster Mash
Episode 7: It's All Greek to Me
Episode 6: International Dateline
Episode 5: Showgirls
Episode 4: The Kidney of the Sea
Episode 3: Broke 'n' Yo-Yo
Episode 2: Parrot Island
Episode 1: The Suite Life Sets Sail