The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Sci-fi

Plot: The Spectacular Spider-Man is an American animated television series based on the superhero character published by Marvel Comics and developed for television by Greg Weisman and Victor Cook. In terms of tone and style, the series is based primarily on the original stories by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, with a similar balance of action, drama, and comedy as well as a high school setting. However, it also tends to utilize material from all eras of the comic's run and other sources such as the film series and the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. The Spectacular Spider-Man premiered on March 8, 2008 during the Kids' WB programming block of The CW, and received critical acclaim. The series aired its second season on Marvel's sister network, Disney XD in the United States and ended its run on November 18, 2009, also receiving positive critical attention. Although a third season was planned, the series was cancelled before production could begin. Read More



Episode 13: Final Curtain
Episode 12: Opening Night
Episode 11: Subtext
Episode 10: Gangland
Episode 9: Probable Cause
Episode 8: Accomplices
Episode 7: Identity Crisis
Episode 6: Growing Pains
Episode 5: First Steps
Episode 4: Shear Strength
Episode 3: Reinforcement
Episode 2: Destructive Testing
Episode 1: Blueprints
Episode 13: Nature vs. Nurture
Episode 12: Intervention
Episode 11: Group Therapy
Episode 10: Persona
Episode 9: The Uncertainty Principle
Episode 8: Reaction
Episode 7: Catalysts
Episode 6: The Invisible Hand
Episode 5: Competition
Episode 4: Market Forces
Episode 3: Natural Selection
Episode 2: Interactions
Episode 1: Survival of the Fittest