The Six Million Dollar Man (1974)


Plot: "Steve Austin, astronaut, a man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him, we have the technology. We have the capability to make the worlds first Bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better. Stronger. Faster." Follow the adventures of Steve Austin, cybernetically enhanced astronaut turned secret agent, employed by the OSI, under the command of Oscar Goldman and supervised by the scientist who created his cybernetics, Rudy Wells. Steve uses the superior strength and speed provided by his bionic arm and legs, and the enhanced vision provided by his artificial eye, to fight enemy agents, aliens, mad scientists, and a wide variety of other villains Read More



Episode 21: Date with Danger (2)
Episode 20: Date with Danger (1)
Episode 19: Dead Ringer
Episode 18: The Madonna Caper
Episode 17: The Lost Island (2)
Episode 15: Return of Deathprobe (2)
Episode 14: Return of Deathprobe (1)
Episode 13: Just a Matter of Time
Episode 12: Walk a Deadly Wing
Episode 11: The Cheshire Project
Episode 10: Target: Steve Austin
Episode 9: Dark Side of the Moon (2)
Episode 8: Dark Side of the Moon (1)
Episode 7: Rollback
Episode 6: Killer Wind
Episode 5: Bigfoot V
Episode 4: Deadly Countdown (2)
Episode 3: Deadly Countdown (1)
Episode 2: Sharks (2)
Episode 1: Sharks (1)
Episode 23: The Ghostly Teletype
Episode 22: To Catch the Eagle
Episode 21: The Privacy of the Mind
Episode 20: U-509
Episode 19: Carnival of Spies
Episode 18: The Infiltrators
Episode 17: Fires of Hell
Episode 16: Danny's Inferno
Episode 15: Death Probe (2)
Episode 14: Death Probe (1)
Episode 13: The Ultimate Imposter
Episode 12: Task Force
Episode 11: A Bionic Christmas Carol
Episode 9: The Thunderbird Connection (1)
Episode 7: The Bionic Boy (2)
Episode 6: The Bionic Boy (1)
Episode 5: H+2+O = Death
Episode 4: The Most Dangerous Enemy
Episode 3: Double Trouble
Episode 2: Nightmare in the Sky
Episode 1: The Return of Bigfoot (1)
Episode 21: Big Brother
Episode 20: The Bionic Badge
Episode 19: Love Song for Tanya
Episode 18: The Golden Pharaoh
Episode 17: The Secret of Bigfoot (2)
Episode 16: The Secret of Bigfoot (1)
Episode 15: Hocus-Pocus
Episode 14: The Winning Smile
Episode 13: Clark Templeton O'Flaherty
Episode 12: Divided Loyalty
Episode 11: The White Lightning War
Episode 10: The Blue Flash
Episode 9: The Bionic Criminal
Episode 8: One of Our Running Backs is Missing
Episode 7: Target in the Sky
Episode 6: The Deadly Test
Episode 5: The Wolf Boy
Episode 4: The Song and Dance Spy
Episode 3: The Price of Liberty
Episode 2: The Return of the Bionic Woman (2)
Episode 1: The Return of the Bionic Woman (1)
Episode 22: Steve Austin, Fugitive
Episode 21: Outrage in Balinderry
Episode 20: The Bionic Woman (2)
Episode 19: The Bionic Woman (1)
Episode 18: The E.S.P. Spy
Episode 17: Look Alike
Episode 16: Taneha
Episode 15: Return of the Robot Maker
Episode 14: The Last Kamikaze
Episode 13: Lost Love
Episode 12: The Cross-Country Kidnap
Episode 11: The Peeping Blonde
Episode 10: Stranger in Broken Fork
Episode 9: Act of Piracy
Episode 8: The Deadly Replay
Episode 7: The Midas Touch
Episode 6: Straight on 'til Morning
Episode 5: The Seven Million Dollar Man
Episode 4: The Pal-Mir Escort
Episode 3: Pilot Error
Episode 2: The Pioneers
Episode 1: Nuclear Alert
Episode 13: Run, Steve, Run
Episode 12: The Coward
Episode 11: Burning Bright
Episode 10: The Last of the Fourth of Julys
Episode 9: Dr. Wells is Missing
Episode 8: The Rescue of Athena One
Episode 7: Eyewitness to Murder
Episode 6: Doomsday, and Counting
Episode 5: Little Orphan Airplane
Episode 4: Day of the Robot
Episode 3: Operation Firefly
Episode 2: Survival of the Fittest
Episode 1: Population: Zero