The Secrets of ISIS (1975)


Genre: Adventure , Family , Fantasy

Plot: Thousands of years ago, Egyptian Queen Hatchupset was given an amulet by her Royal Wizard. This amulet empowered the queen with the powers of the goddess Isis; to command the elements of sky and earth. Flash forward to present time (1970's that is) young science teacher Andrea Thomas found this lost amulet while on an archaeological dig. She found she was heir to the "Secrets of Isis." By bearing the necklace that had the amulet, and calling out the phrase "OH MIGHTY ISIS," Andrea was transformed into Isis. As Isis, she could "soar as the falcon soars, run with the speed of gazelles, and command all the elements of sky and earth." In order to invoke her powers, she had to recite incantations. Her most famous incantation - "Oh zephyr winds which blow on high, lift me now so I can fly" - assisted her in taking flight. She also had control of animals, fire, water, etc. Her powers were usually used to help teach young people she came in c Read More



Episode 7: ...Now You Don't
Episode 6: Now You See It...
Episode 5: Year of the Dragon
Episode 4: The Cheerleader
Episode 3: The Class Clown
Episode 2: The Hitchhiker
Episode 1: Seeing Eye Horse
Episode 15: Dreams of Flight
Episode 14: Scuba Duba
Episode 13: Girl Driver
Episode 12: Funny Gal
Episode 11: No Drums, No Trumpets
Episode 10: The Outsider
Episode 9: The Show Off
Episode 8: How to Find a Friend
Episode 7: Bigfoot
Episode 6: Lucky
Episode 5: Rockhound's Roost
Episode 4: The Sound of Silence
Episode 3: Spots of the Leopard
Episode 2: Fool's Dare
Episode 1: The Lights of Mystery Mountain