The Secret Life of Us (2001)


Genre: Drama

Plot: The Secret Life Of Us is an Australian drama revolving around the lives of the residents of an apartment block in an urban suburb of Melbourne. It follows the characters through some of life's most complex journeys, as they search for themselves in their work, social and family lives, yet always following one simple rule: all roads lead back to your friends. This critically acclaimed, multi-award winning and hugely popular and successful series has gone from strength to strength, delving into aspects of young adulthood never before seen in such an honest and realistic way on Australian television. Featuring an all-star and incredibly talented Aussie cast, including Deborah Mailman, Samuel Johnson, Claudia Karvan and Joel Edgerton, while continuing to find new talent and introducing them in fresh new story lines. Read More



Episode 22: Best of: Part 2
Episode 21: Best of: Part 1
Episode 20: Glimpses of Perfection
Episode 19: Rare Birds
Episode 18: Ill Communication
Episode 17: Dead Man Walking
Episode 16: The Character Question
Episode 15: Treadmill
Episode 14: Spitting the Dummy
Episode 13: The Big Leap
Episode 12: The Heart Of Friday Night
Episode 11: Insecurity Blanket
Episode 10: When the Bell Rings
Episode 9: Facing It
Episode 8: Gathering of Tribes
Episode 7: Business And Pleasure
Episode 6: The Crisis of Questions
Episode 5: Kicking the Habit
Episode 4: The Mysteries Of Attractions
Episode 3: Stretching The Friendship
Episode 2: The Truth About Cats And Dogs (2)
Episode 1: The Truth About Cats And Dogs (1)
Episode 22: Let the Burning Begin
Episode 21: Playing with Fire
Episode 20: The Saturn Return
Episode 19: Outside the Loop
Episode 18: Only the Brave, or the Dumb
Episode 17: The Dark Side
Episode 16: Be True
Episode 15: Weird Species Man
Episode 14: The People You Meet
Episode 13: Great Expectations
Episode 12: The Innocents
Episode 11: The Day No Trumpets Sounded
Episode 10: Fair Play
Episode 9: Nature or Nurture?
Episode 8: The Art of Deception
Episode 7: This Is Now
Episode 6: The Quality of My Life
Episode 5: A Square Peg in a Round Hole
Episode 4: The Way We Are
Episode 3: You Can't Always Get What You Want
Episode 2: The Cycle
Episode 1: The End Is the Beginning
Episode 22: The Truth is Beautiful, Without Doubt, But So Are Lies
Episode 21: Do the Right Thing
Episode 20: Walpurgisnacht
Episode 19: The Searchers
Episode 18: Signs of Life
Episode 17: Sweet Revenge
Episode 16: The Great Divide
Episode 15: Have a Little Faith
Episode 14: Rose Coloured Glasses
Episode 13: From Little Things Big Things Grow
Episode 12: Who Do You Want To Be Today?
Episode 11: The Funny Side
Episode 10: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Episode 9: Controlling The Universe
Episode 8: Make Up Your Mind
Episode 7: A Fine Line
Episode 6: It's Not Easy
Episode 5: The Grand Delusion
Episode 4: An Ill Wind
Episode 3: The Dance
Episode 2: Free Will
Episode 1: A New World Order
Episode 22: Now or Never
Episode 21: Doorway
Episode 20: Men on the Verge
Episode 19: A Friend Indeed
Episode 18: Intimations of Mortality
Episode 17: Piggy-in-the-Middle
Episode 16: The Butterfly Effect
Episode 15: The Gap
Episode 14: Better the Devil You Know
Episode 13: Secrets and Lies
Episode 12: Fallout
Episode 11: Love Sucks
Episode 10: State of Limbo
Episode 9: The Secret Life of Us
Episode 8: What Am I?
Episode 7: The Road Less Taken
Episode 6: Expect The Unexpected
Episode 5: The Rules
Episode 4: The Garden of Gethsemane
Episode 3: The Unbelievable Truth
Episode 2: Telemovie (2)
Episode 1: Telemovie (1)