The Saint (1962)


Plot: Simon Templar is The Saint - adored by women, feared by his adversaries and a constant thorn in the side of police forces everywhere. A smooth-talking adventurer, the Saint goes in where angels fear to tread. Always where the action is, he courts danger with a smile, but his charm can sometimes be a lethal weapon. The Saint is always on a mission of mercy or intrigue, with a beautiful woman close at hand. He's Sir Lancelot without armor. A formidable enemy, an unwavering friend. Read More



Episode 21: The World Beater
Episode 20: The World Beater
Episode 19: Portrait of Brenda
Episode 18: The Man Who Gambled with Life
Episode 16: Vendetta for the Saint (2)
Episode 15: Vendetta for the Saint (1)
Episode 14: Where the Money Is
Episode 12: The Fiction-Makers (2)
Episode 11: The Fiction-Makers (1)
Episode 10: The Scales of Justice
Episode 9: The House on Dragon's Rock
Episode 8: The Master Plan
Episode 7: The Time to Die
Episode 6: The Double Take
Episode 5: The Organisation Man
Episode 4: The Desperate Diplomat
Episode 3: Legacy for the Saint
Episode 2: Invitation to Danger
Episode 1: The Best Laid Schemes
Episode 26: When Spring Is Sprung
Episode 25: The Power Artists
Episode 24: A Double in Diamonds
Episode 23: The Gadget Lovers
Episode 22: Island of Chance
Episode 21: Simon and Delilah
Episode 20: The Counterfeit Countess
Episode 19: To Kill a Saint
Episode 18: The Art Collectors
Episode 17: The Death Game
Episode 16: The Fast Women
Episode 15: The Persistent Patriots
Episode 14: Escape Route
Episode 13: Flight Plan
Episode 12: Locate and Destroy
Episode 11: Paper Chase
Episode 10: Little Girl Lost
Episode 9: The Better Mousetrap
Episode 8: The Man Who Liked Lions
Episode 7: The Angel's Eye
Episode 6: The Convenient Monster
Episode 5: The Helpful Pirate
Episode 4: The Reluctant Revolution
Episode 3: The Russian Prisoner
Episode 2: Interlude in Venice
Episode 1: The Queen's Ransom
Episode 9: The Old Treasure Story
Episode 8: The Spanish Cow
Episode 7: The Saint Bids Diamonds
Episode 6: The Man Who Could Not Die
Episode 5: The Persistent Parasites
Episode 4: The Smart Detective
Episode 3: The Crooked Ring
Episode 2: The Abductors
Episode 1: The Checkered Flag
Episode 23: The Happy Suicide
Episode 22: The Crime of the Century
Episode 21: Sibao
Episode 20: The Frightened Inn-Keeper
Episode 19: The Golden Frog
Episode 18: The Sign of the Claw
Episode 17: The Inescapable Word
Episode 16: The Rhine Maiden
Episode 15: The Set-Up
Episode 14: The Contract
Episode 13: The Damsel in Distress
Episode 12: The Unkind Philanthropist
Episode 11: The Hi-Jackers
Episode 10: The Imprudent Politician
Episode 9: The Death Penalty
Episode 8: The Man Who Liked Toys
Episode 7: The Loving Brothers
Episode 6: The Saint Steps In
Episode 5: The Revolution Racket
Episode 4: The Scorpion
Episode 3: Jeannine
Episode 2: Lida
Episode 1: The Miracle Tea Party
Episode 27: The Saint Sees It Through
Episode 26: The Ever-Loving Spouse
Episode 25: The Gentle Ladies
Episode 24: Sophia
Episode 23: The High Fence
Episode 22: The Invisible Millionaire
Episode 21: The Good Medicine
Episode 20: The Lawless Lady
Episode 19: Luella
Episode 18: The Romantic Matron
Episode 17: The Noble Sportsman
Episode 16: The Wonderful War
Episode 15: The Benevolent Burglary
Episode 14: The Bunco Artists
Episode 13: The Sporting Chance
Episode 12: The Well-Meaning Mayor
Episode 11: The Saint Plays with Fire
Episode 10: The Rough Diamonds
Episode 9: The King of the Beggars
Episode 8: Iris
Episode 7: The Work of Art
Episode 6: Marcia
Episode 5: The Elusive Ellshaw
Episode 4: Teresa
Episode 3: Judith
Episode 2: Starring the Saint
Episode 1: The Fellow Traveller
Episode 12: The Charitable Countess
Episode 11: The Man Who Was Lucky
Episode 10: The Golden Journey
Episode 9: The Effete Angler
Episode 8: The Element of Doubt
Episode 7: The Arrow of God
Episode 6: The Pearls of Peace
Episode 5: The Loaded Tourist
Episode 4: The Covetous Headsman
Episode 3: The Careful Terrorist
Episode 2: The Latin Touch
Episode 1: The Talented Husband