The Rockford Files (1974)


Plot: Emmy® winner James Garner stars as the offbeat Jim Rockford, an ex-con-turned-private-investigator who would rather fish than fight but whose instinct on closed cases is more golden than his classic Pontiac Firebird. From his mobile home in Malibu, this wisecracking private eye takes you on the cases of the lost and the dispossessed, chasing down seemingly long-dead clues in the sun-baked streets and seamy alleys of Los Angeles. Read More



Episode 12: Deadlock in Parma
Episode 11: Just a Coupla Guys
Episode 10: The Big Cheese
Episode 9: No Fault Affair
Episode 8: The Hawaiian Headache
Episode 7: Nice Guys Finish Dead
Episode 6: Love is the Word
Episode 5: Only Rock 'n Roll Will Never Die (2)
Episode 4: Only Rock 'n Roll Will Never Die (1)
Episode 3: Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (2)
Episode 2: Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (1)
Episode 1: Paradise Cove
Episode 22: A Different Drummer
Episode 21: Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job (2)
Episode 20: Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job (1)
Episode 19: A Material Difference
Episode 18: The Return of the Black Shadow
Episode 17: The Man Who Saw the Alligators
Episode 16: The Deuce
Episode 15: Guilt
Episode 14: The Battle-Ax and the Exploding Cigar
Episode 13: With the French Heel Back, Can the Nehru Jacket Be Far Behind?
Episode 12: Local Man Eaten by Newspaper
Episode 11: A Fast Count
Episode 10: Black Mirror (2)
Episode 9: Black Mirror (1)
Episode 8: A Good Clean Bust with Sequel Rights
Episode 7: Three Day Affair with a Thirty Day Escrow
Episode 6: The Empty Frame
Episode 5: Kill the Messenger
Episode 4: White on White and Nearly Perfect
Episode 3: The Jersey Bounce
Episode 2: Rosendahl and Gilda Stern Are Dead
Episode 1: Heartaches of a Fool
Episode 21: The House on Willis Avenue (1)
Episode 20: The Prisoner of Rosemont Hall
Episode 19: The Competitive Edge
Episode 18: South by Southeast
Episode 17: Dwarf in a Helium Hat
Episode 16: The Paper Palace
Episode 15: The Gang at Don's Drive-In
Episode 14: The Attractive Nuisance
Episode 13: A Deadly Maze
Episode 12: The Queen of Peru
Episode 11: Forced Retirement
Episode 10: Hotel of Fear
Episode 9: The Mayor's Committee from Deer Lick Falls
Episode 8: Irving the Explainer
Episode 7: Quickie Nirvana
Episode 6: Requiem for a Funny Box
Episode 5: The Dog and Pony Show
Episode 4: Second Chance
Episode 3: The Battle of Canoga Park
Episode 2: Trouble in Chapter 17
Episode 1: Beamer's Last Case
Episode 22: Dirty Money, Black Light
Episode 21: Crack Back
Episode 20: To Protect and Serve (2)
Episode 19: To Protect and Serve (1)
Episode 18: New Life, Old Dragons
Episode 17: Just Another Polish Wedding
Episode 16: The Becker Connection
Episode 15: The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers (2)
Episode 14: The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers (1)
Episode 13: Sticks & Stones May Break Your Bones, but Waterbury Will Bury You
Episode 12: There's One in Every Port
Episode 11: The Trouble with Warren
Episode 10: Piece Work
Episode 9: Return to the 38th Parallel
Episode 8: Rattlers' Class of '63
Episode 7: So Help Me God
Episode 6: Coulter City Wildcat
Episode 5: Drought at Indianhead River
Episode 4: Feeding Frenzy
Episode 3: The Family Hour
Episode 2: The Oracle Wore a Cashmere Suit
Episode 1: The Fourth Man
Episode 22: A Bad Deal in the Valley
Episode 21: Foul on the First Play
Episode 20: Where's Houston?
Episode 19: The Italian Bird Fiasco
Episode 18: In Hazard
Episode 17: Joey Blue Eyes
Episode 16: A Portrait of Elizabeth
Episode 15: The No-Cut Contract
Episode 14: The Hammer of C Block
Episode 13: The Girl in the Bay City Boys Club
Episode 12: The Reincarnation of Angie
Episode 11: Pastoria Prime Pick
Episode 10: 2 into 5.56 Won't Go
Episode 9: Chicken Little is a Little Chicken
Episode 8: Resurrection in Black & White
Episode 7: The Real Easy Red Dog
Episode 6: The Great Blue Lake Land and Development Company
Episode 5: The Deep Blue Sleep
Episode 4: Gearjammers (2)
Episode 3: Gearjammers (1)
Episode 2: The Farnsworth Stratagem
Episode 1: The Aaron Ironwood School of Success
Episode 22: Just by Accident
Episode 21: The Four Pound Brick
Episode 20: Charlie Harris at Large
Episode 19: Say Goodbye to Jennifer
Episode 18: Claire
Episode 17: Counter Gambit
Episode 16: Sleight of Hand
Episode 15: Aura Lee, Farewell
Episode 14: Profit and Loss (2)
Episode 13: Profit and Loss (1)
Episode 12: Caledonia – It's Worth a Fortune!
Episode 11: The Dexter Crisis
Episode 10: In Pursuit of Carol Thorne
Episode 9: Find Me if You Can
Episode 8: The Big Ripoff
Episode 7: This Case is Closed (2)
Episode 6: This Case is Closed (1)
Episode 5: Tall Woman in Red Wagon
Episode 4: Exit Prentiss Carr
Episode 3: The Countess
Episode 2: The Dark and Bloody Ground
Episode 1: The Kirkoff Case