The Reluctant Landlord (2018)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Romesh inherits his father's pub, becoming the reluctant landlord of the title. While his exuberant father was well suited to life behind the bar, the sarcastic sardonic Romesh is not taking to it well. His mum is his workmate, and Natasha's determined to make it work. Meanwhile Romesh clings to his dream of becoming a hip hop DJ - he has his work cut out for him. The writing team includes Will Smith of Veep and The Thick of It cred, as well as Ranganathan. Read More



Episode 6: Die Another Day
Episode 5: Dreadlock Jeff
Episode 4: Couples Amnesty
Episode 3: Love Is in the Air
Episode 2: Love & Marriage
Episode 1: Daddy Day Care
Episode 6: Win, Lose or Brewery
Episode 5: I Ain't 'fraid of No Ghost, Dad
Episode 4: Mystery Shopper
Episode 3: Mama's Boy
Episode 2: Pants on Fire
Episode 1: Dirty Harry