The Red Green Show (1991)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Red Green is a bearded Canadian carpenter who's really handy with his hands, and can find great uses for duct tape. He hosts "The Red Green Show", where he and his nerdy nephew, Harold, teach the viewers how to make excellent and useful crafts, as well as give marriage advice, from their home at Possum Lodge. Also, he plays games with Dalton Humphries where he must try to get him to guess a word by giving examples of it or saying a sentence it would be used in. Red also appears in a black-and-white series with the bungling Bill Smith were they show young viewers things like how to hunt and the existence of gravity. Other characters who frequently appear are the deprived Ranger Gord, who lives on top of a 100-foot tower on top of a 200-foot hill, has been guarding the watch tower for 16 years without a vacation and has no friends; the golf-obsessed loser Bob Stuyvestant who knows nothing about women; Buzz Sherwood, a daredevil pilot; and Winston Rothschild III, a loyal! Written by Bloggers! Read More



Episode 18: The Possum Drop
Episode 17: Fishy CANUSA Games
Episode 16: Bye Bye Bonnie
Episode 15: A Shot In The Dark
Episode 14: Hoard Of The Flies
Episode 13: Lodge Luau
Episode 12: Red Green Insurance
Episode 11: The Butter Man
Episode 10: Stay Tuned
Episode 9: Ticket To Fame
Episode 8: The Lodge Election
Episode 7: The Grapes Of Wrath
Episode 6: Harold‘s One And Only
Episode 5: False Idol
Episode 4: The Statue
Episode 3: Once More To The Well
Episode 2: Life Is A Circus
Episode 1: Red's Hot Sauce
Episode 18: Cyber Girl
Episode 17: The Sink Hole
Episode 16: Ranger Harold
Episode 15: The Women's Circle
Episode 14: The Chain Letter
Episode 13: Spokesman Red
Episode 12: Comrade Harold
Episode 11: The Boat Ramp
Episode 10: Possum Day
Episode 9: Pay It Forward
Episode 8: The Spelling Bee
Episode 7: The String Ball
Episode 6: Mailbox Wars
Episode 5: The Earring
Episode 4: Change Will Do You Good
Episode 3: School Demo
Episode 2: The Drive-Thru
Episode 1: You've Got Oil
Episode 19: No Duct Tape
Episode 18: No Duct Tape
Episode 17: Damn You Emu
Episode 16: The Dandruff Foundation
Episode 15: The Beaver Dam
Episode 14: Who Wants To Be A Smart Guy
Episode 13: DNA All The Way
Episode 12: Cheap Jeep
Episode 11: Out Of The Woods
Episode 10: Barter Starter
Episode 9: Lunar Eclipse
Episode 8: Twinning
Episode 7: Historic Site
Episode 6: Survivor
Episode 5: Man Of The Year
Episode 4: Winston's Wedding
Episode 3: What A Dump
Episode 2: Foster Child
Episode 1: Sausage Envy
Episode 24: The Water Show
Episode 23: Possum Lake Monster
Episode 22: The Possum Olympics
Episode 21: Slingshot Skiing
Episode 20: The Retirement Home
Episode 19: Possum Lake Regatta
Episode 18: The Used Helicopter
Episode 17: The Water Park
Episode 16: Biosphere Three
Episode 15: The Funniest Video
Episode 14: The Salmon Parade
Episode 13: Cross The Lake Race
Episode 12: Lake Regulations
Episode 11: The Hidden Mine
Episode 10: Fuel Conversion
Episode 9: Green Green
Episode 8: The New Shirt/Casino
Episode 7: Fire Brigade
Episode 6: The Tanks We Get
Episode 5: Underground Parking
Episode 4: Magnetic Lake
Episode 3: The Spawning Grounds
Episode 2: Car Pool
Episode 1: Maple Syrup