The Real Housewives of Melbourne (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: When it comes to style and glamour Melbourne is the jewel in Australia’s crown. It’s the city where fashion, food and culture reign supreme. But relationships in this high society are like four seasons in one day, fine one minute, stormy the next. And Melbourne’s Housewives know that they had better be careful because it’s a long way to fall. Read More



Episode 12: Reunion
Episode 11: The Great Divide
Episode 10: Happy Birthday Baby
Episode 9: Getting Into The Spirit
Episode 8: Tequila Sunset
Episode 7: Tequila Sunrise
Episode 6: It's My Party I'll Invite Who I Want To
Episode 5: Sally Can't Wait
Episode 4: Dishing The Dirt
Episode 3: Midsummer Madness
Episode 2: House of Lords
Episode 1: Venus Rising
Episode 12: Reunion
Episode 11: Waterfront
Episode 10: Gossip Girl
Episode 9: Desert Storm
Episode 8: Do Buy
Episode 7: Portrait of Figaro
Episode 6: Bye Bye Byron
Episode 5: Gamble's Big Day
Episode 4: Here Come The Brides
Episode 3: By Invitation Only
Episode 2: Old Sparks, New Starts
Episode 1: Join The Club
Episode 13: Reunion (Part 2)
Episode 12: Reunion (Part 1)
Episode 11: Wonderland
Episode 10: A Day at the Races
Episode 9: Gina's New Shoes
Episode 8: Philippines Part 2
Episode 7: Manila Bound
Episode 6: Look Out Sydney
Episode 5: Chef's Dinner
Episode 4: Anyone for Golf?
Episode 3: Fashion Flare Up
Episode 2: Murder Mystery Party
Episode 1: Fresh Start, New Faces
Episode 12: Reunion - Part 2
Episode 11: Reunion - Part 1
Episode 10: Here's to Happy Endings
Episode 9: Pooch Party
Episode 8: No Show or Go Show?
Episode 7: Travelling North
Episode 6: Anyone for Tennis?
Episode 4: Ice Queens
Episode 3: New Kids on the Block
Episode 2: Pick a Side
Episode 1: First Impressions