The Real Housewives of Cheshire (2015)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: The series steps inside the champagne fuelled lives of Ampika Pickston, Dawn Ward, Lauren Simon, Leanne Brown, Magali Gorré and Tanya Bardsley. Throughout the series we’ll get to know these amazing characters and their intertwining lives. In the extreme world of Cheshire’s rich and famous residents, life moves fast and each day has its dramas, ensuring every episode will be action packed and entertaining. All with the gorgeous backdrop of the lavish homes and the exclusive locations that these women live in. The Housewives’ wealth and connections also mean that through them, you'll get unique access to the elite events and fabulous social occasions that punctuate the Housewives’ extraordinary lives. Read More

Next Episode 13x7 Date: Jun 21st



Episode 11: The Last Supper
Episode 9: Courting and Cavorting
Episode 6: London or Bust
Episode 5: Naked...With a Horse?
Episode 4: Anything with a Pulse
Episode 3: A Diva for Dinner
Episode 2: Kith & Kinsella
Episode 1: A Pregnant Applause
Episode 8: The Reunion
Episode 7: A Greek Tragedy
Episode 6: A Storm in an E-Cup
Episode 5: Whatever Happens In Athens...
Episode 4: Guts For Garters
Episode 3: Stilettos On Fire
Episode 2: Excuses, Apologies, Excuses, Apologies
Episode 1: Flutter Back Butterfly
Episode 11: The Reunion
Episode 10: Never, Ever Break Friends
Episode 9: Wedding Belles and Bitches
Episode 8: Engaged, Enraged and Waiting for an Invite
Episode 7: R.S.V.Peed Off
Episode 6: Playmates of the Month
Episode 5: Leather, Feather, Flesh and Whiplash
Episode 4: The Sweet Soul Sisters
Episode 3: Diamonds are for Darby
Episode 2: Fighting the First Hurdle
Episode 1: The Cult of Cheshire
Episode 11: The Reunion
Episode 10: Faultless and Fancy Free
Episode 9: P for Positivity
Episode 8: Why, Why, Why, Dubai?
Episode 7: Dubai Be Good to Me
Episode 6: Calling Gloria Seema
Episode 5: Leaping Off the Fence
Episode 4: Sex Tips for Housewives
Episode 3: Grandma's Last Supper
Episode 2: Flirting with Disaster
Episode 1: Here Comes Trouble
Episode 11: The Reunion
Episode 10: Frenemies and Foxtrots
Episode 9: The Best of Intentions
Episode 8: Cold Turkey and Chicken Limbo
Episode 7: Any Karma in Palma?
Episode 6: Dog Date Afternoon
Episode 5: Too Hot to Trot
Episode 4: Breast of Enemies
Episode 3: Dinner, Dancing... And a Disastrous Rectum
Episode 2: Forty Five On The Inside
Episode 1: The Downward Dog
Episode 11: The Reunion
Episode 10: Love, Pride and Prejudice
Episode 9: Recipe for Disaster
Episode 8: The Bride’s Bouquet
Episode 7: 7 Brides and a Groom
Episode 6: Cheerio Cheerio
Episode 5: Days of Decadence
Episode 4: Close Encounters
Episode 3: Don’t Play It Again, Sister
Episode 2: Please Speak Clearly After the Tone
Episode 1: Surprise, Surprise
Episode 11: The Reunion
Episode 10: Czech Mate
Episode 9: Count Your Blessings
Episode 8: Reach for the Stars
Episode 7: Best Frenemies Forever
Episode 6: On the Rocks
Episode 5: Queen for a Day
Episode 4: A Blessing in Disguise
Episode 3: Pretty in Pink
Episode 2: Into the Deep
Episode 1: All White on the Night
Episode 11: At Home With The Wives
Episode 10: A Midsummer Night's Mare
Episode 9: The Smiling Assassins
Episode 8: Nice Day for a Gay Wedding
Episode 7: There's Something About Ester
Episode 6: Dubai Bound
Episode 5: Every Dog Has Its Day
Episode 4: Read All About It
Episode 3: The Elephant in the Room
Episode 2: Social Friends
Episode 1: Czech Her Out
Episode 11: The Reunion
Episode 10: Bollywood or Bust
Episode 9: Plastic Fantastic
Episode 8: The Smell of Success
Episode 7: Heartbreak Hotel
Episode 6: Secrets and Lies
Episode 5: Ooh Baby Baby
Episode 4: Bust-ups and Bombshells
Episode 3: Whining and Dining
Episode 2: Welcome to The Jungle
Episode 1: A Fair to Remember
Episode 11: The Reunion
Episode 10: Point of No Return
Episode 9: Ready for Battle
Episode 8: Five Month Scan
Episode 7: Going In-Seine
Episode 6: A Cheshire Girl in Paris
Episode 5: Fabulous at 40
Episode 4: Shaken and Stirred
Episode 3: Divas Dancing
Episode 2: A Currant Affair
Episode 1: All Change in Cheshire
Episode 10: The Masks Are Off
Episode 9: I Do, I Do, I Do
Episode 8: Uninvited
Episode 7: Calendar Girls
Episode 6: Ladies Who Lunch
Episode 5: Karma Is a Bitch
Episode 4: 20 Years and Counting
Episode 3: You'll Never Be Me
Episode 2: Girls on Film
Episode 1: Off the Rails
Episode 10: Who's Coming to Dinner
Episode 9: Lady Luck
Episode 8: Happy Birthday Sweetie
Episode 7: Big Night Out
Episode 6: Going Quackers
Episode 5: Spa-ing Partners
Episode 4: Dressed for Success
Episode 3: The Girl Who Got It All
Episode 2: This Is Ladies Night
Episode 1: Welcome to Cheshire