The Pretender (1996)


Plot: The Pretender is an American television series that aired on NBC from 1996 to 2000. The series starred Michael T. Weiss as Jarod, a genius and former child prodigy with the ability to become anyone he wants to be, i.e., to flawlessly impersonate anyone in virtually any line of work. Patrick Bauchau and Andrea Parker co-starred as Sydney, Jarod's childhood teacher and mentor, and Miss Parker, a childhood friend. They are both operatives for a mysterious organization called "The Centre", which took Jarod from his parents as a child and developed his special talents with the intention of making him one of their agents, while also using his brilliant intellect for their own evil purposes. After escaping from their custody, Jarod begins traveling the country, searching for clues to his true identity while posing as a doctor, police officer, attorney, or some other character who helps those in trouble. The Centre's directors are determined to return Jarod to The Centre to further their mysterious plan. A team of operatives, led by Miss Parker, attempts to find and capture The Pretender. Jarod's extreme intelligence combined with his childlike innocence create a memorable and endearing character that was popular with viewers. Read More



Episode 19: The Inner Sense (1)
Episode 18: Corn Man A Comin'
Episode 17: Meltdown
Episode 16: School Daze
Episode 15: Junk
Episode 14: The Agent of Year Zero
Episode 13: Ghosts From The Past
Episode 12: Lifeline
Episode 11: Cold Dick
Episode 10: Spin Doctor
Episode 9: 'Til Death Do Us Part
Episode 8: Rules of Engagement
Episode 7: Wild Child
Episode 6: Extreme
Episode 5: Road Trip
Episode 4: Risque Business
Episode 3: Angel's Flight
Episode 2: Survival
Episode 1: The World's Changing
Episode 21: Donoterase (1)
Episode 20: Qallupilluit
Episode 19: End Game
Episode 18: Wake Up
Episode 17: Ties That Bind
Episode 16: P.T.B.
Episode 15: Countdown
Episode 14: At the Hour of Our Death
Episode 13: Pool
Episode 12: Unsinkable
Episode 11: The Assassin
Episode 10: Mr. Lee
Episode 9: Murder 101
Episode 8: Flesh and Blood
Episode 7: Homefront
Episode 6: Parole
Episode 5: Betrayal
Episode 4: Someone to Trust
Episode 3: Once in a Blue Moon
Episode 2: Hope and Prey
Episode 1: Crazy
Episode 21: Bloodlines (1)
Episode 20: Bank
Episode 19: Red Rock Jarod
Episode 18: Stolen
Episode 17: Crash
Episode 16: Silence
Episode 15: Bulletproof
Episode 14: Unforgotten
Episode 13: A Stand Up Guy
Episode 12: Toy Surprise
Episode 11: Gigolo Jarod
Episode 10: Indy Show
Episode 9: FX
Episode 8: Hazards
Episode 7: Collateral Damage
Episode 6: Past Sim
Episode 5: Nip and Tuck
Episode 4: Exposed
Episode 3: Over The Edge
Episode 2: Scott Free
Episode 1: Back From The Dead Again
Episode 21: The Dragon House (1)
Episode 20: Baby Love
Episode 19: Jarod's Honor
Episode 18: Unhappy Landings
Episode 17: Keys
Episode 16: Under The Reds
Episode 15: Jaroldo
Episode 14: Ranger Jarod
Episode 13: Bazooka Jarod
Episode 12: Prison Story
Episode 11: Bomb Squad
Episode 10: Better Part Of Valor
Episode 9: Mirage
Episode 8: Not Even A Mouse
Episode 7: A Virus Among Us
Episode 6: To Protect and Serve
Episode 5: The Paper Clock
Episode 4: Curious Jarod
Episode 3: Flyer
Episode 2: Every Picture Tells A Story
Episode 1: Pilot