The Powerpuff Girls (2016) (2016)


Genre: Animation , Action , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: In this reboot of the classic Cartoon Network series, the Powerpuff Girls return to protect Townsville from villains who want to take over the metropolis. Sisters Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have to manage their homework with their superhero activities as they face a continuous parade of bad guys. Although they have good teamwork, the sisters sometimes need to get help from Professor Utonium and The Mayor to help them take down the evildoers. The girls hope to show people that it's possible to save the world and still get to bed before their bedtime. Read More



Episode 39: Sideline Dad
Episode 38: The Oct-Father
Episode 37: Man Up 4: The Donnyest Game
Episode 36: Watch It!
Episode 35: Drama Bomb
Episode 34: Checkin Out!
Episode 33: BrainLord
Episode 32: Tagalong
Episode 31: Our Brand is Chaos
Episode 30: Rebel Rebel
Episode 29: Hustlecup
Episode 28: Cat Burglar
Episode 27: The Spoon
Episode 26: The Fog
Episode 25: Bucketboy!
Episode 24: Lights Out!
Episode 23: Brain Freeze
Episode 22: Oh, Daisy!
Episode 21: The Gift
Episode 20: Witch's Crew
Episode 16: Small World: Abra-Disaster Part 1
Episode 15: Salamander
Episode 14: In the Doghouse
Episode 13: Quarantine
Episode 12: The Long Skate Home
Episode 11: Total Eclipse of the Kart
Episode 10: Ragnarock and Roll
Episode 9: Blundercup
Episode 8: Largo
Episode 7: Can't Buy Love
Episode 6: Save the Date
Episode 5: Trouble Clef
Episode 4: Mojo the Great
Episode 3: Blossom3
Episode 2: Worship
Episode 1: Not So Secret Service
Episode 41: Aliver
Episode 40: The Blossom Files
Episode 39: Man Up 3: The Good, The Bad, and the Manly
Episode 38: Deb O’Nair
Episode 37: Bubbles the Blue
Episode 36: Derby Dollies
Episode 35: Toy Ploy
Episode 34: A Slight Hiccup
Episode 33: The Buttercup Job
Episode 32: Sugar, Spice and Super Lice
Episode 31: Never Been Blissed
Episode 30: The Trouble With Bubbles
Episode 29: You're a Good Man, Mojo Jojo
Episode 28: Midnight at the Mayors Mansion
Episode 27: Power of Four: Blisstersweet Symphony
Episode 26: Power of Four: Breaking Bliss
Episode 25: Power of Four: Blisster Sister
Episode 24: Power of Four: Bliss Reminisce
Episode 23: Power of Four: Find Your Bliss
Episode 22: Bridezilla
Episode 21: Monkey Love
Episode 20: Tooth or Consequences
Episode 19: Phanstasm Chasm
Episode 18: Imagine That
Episode 17: Spider Sense
Episode 16: Memory Lane of Pain
Episode 15: Home, Sweet Homesick
Episode 14: Buttercup vs. Math
Episode 13: The Bubbles-Sitters Club
Episode 12: Take Your Kids to Dooms Day
Episode 11: Musclecup
Episode 10: The Tell Tale Schedulebot
Episode 9: Summer Bummer
Episode 8: Mini Golf Madness
Episode 7: A Star Is Blossom
Episode 6: Super Sweet 6
Episode 5: Clawdad
Episode 4: Splitsville
Episode 3: 15 Minutes of Fame
Episode 2: Green Wing
Episode 1: The Last Donnycorn
Episode 39: People Pleaser
Episode 38: Somewhere Over the Swingset
Episode 37: Snow Month
Episode 36: Poorbucks
Episode 35: Professor Proofed
Episode 34: Electric Buttercup
Episode 33: The Squashening
Episode 32: Rainy Day
Episode 31: Secret Swapper of Doom
Episode 30: Halt and Catch Silico
Episode 29: The Secret Life of Blossom Powerpuff
Episode 28: The Big Sleep
Episode 27: Road Trippin'
Episode 26: In the Garden of Good and Eddie
Episode 25: Fashion Forward
Episode 24: Cheep Thrills
Episode 23: Presidential Punchout
Episode 22: Odd Bubbles Out
Episode 21: Sister Sitter
Episode 20: Bubbles of the Opera
Episode 19: Viral Spiral
Episode 18: Man Up 2: Still Man-ing
Episode 17: Once Upon a Townsville
Episode 16: Frenemy
Episode 15: Blue Ribbon Blues
Episode 14: Puffdora's Box
Episode 13: Arachno-Romance
Episode 12: The Wrinklegruff Gals
Episode 11: Tiara Trouble
Episode 10: Power-Up Puff
Episode 9: Strong-Armed
Episode 8: Little Octi Lost
Episode 7: Bye Bye Bellum
Episode 6: Man Up
Episode 5: Horn, Sweet Horn
Episode 4: Painbow
Episode 3: The Stayover
Episode 2: Princess Buttercup
Episode 1: Escape From Monster Island