The Planets (2017) (2017)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: In conjunction with the first total solar eclipse in the continental U.S. in 99 years, Science Channel celebrates by presenting a definitive series on Earth's closest neighbors in the solar system. Former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino hosts, guiding viewers through eight, hourlong episodes that detail Venus, Mars, the newly discovered Planet 9, Exoplanets and more. A best-selling author, Massimino is a veteran of two missions in the Hubble Space Telescope and four space walks. He's also credited as the first person to tweet from space. Read More



Episode 15: Alien Oceans: Search for Life
Episode 14: Alien Moons: The Next Earth
Episode 13: Alien Volcanoes: Life in Hell
Episode 12: Alien Stars: Mystery of the Monsters
Episode 11: Dwarf Planets: Aliens Among Us
Episode 10: The Solar System: Alien Origins
Episode 9: The Sun: Secrets of Our Star
Episode 8: Comets: Mysteries from the Deep
Episode 7: Mercury: The Cursed Planet
Episode 6: Alien Galaxies: The Strange Secrets
Episode 5: Ice Giants: The Frozen Aliens
Episode 4: Ends of the Solar System: Strange Frontiers
Episode 3: Milky Way: The Monster Inside
Episode 2: Alien Planets: Cosmic Nightmares
Episode 1: Earth: The Secret History
Episode 8: The Moon: Earth's Guardian Angel
Episode 7: Alien Worlds: Stranger Than Fiction
Episode 6: Pluto: The Secret Science
Episode 5: Planet 9: The Lost World
Episode 4: Saturn: Mysteries Among the Rings
Episode 3: Venus: The Hell Planet
Episode 2: Mars: The Definitive Guide
Episode 1: Jupiter: King of the Planets