The Paper Chase (1978)


Genre: Drama

Plot: This listing comprises not only the original CBS show, but also the Showtime additional seasons: The Paper Chase: Second Year, The Paper Chase: Third Year, and The Paper Chase: Graduation Year Based on the movie, written by John Osborne, The Paper Chase is a classroom drama about students in a law school (based on Harvard Law School). The two main characters are a stern but fair Contract Law professor, Charles W. Kingsfield, and a student who idolizes him, James Hart. The Paper Chase was voted the best new drama of 1978. Although the critics raved it didn't get the "numbers" that CBS wanted and it was cancelled after its first season. Five years later Showtime picked it up and made 3 new seasons of episodes from 1983-1986. Read More



Episode 4: Suppressed Desires
Episode 3: Honor
Episode 2: Mistaken Identity
Episode 1: A Wounded Hart
Episode 12: Lasting Impressions
Episode 11: Security
Episode 10: It's Only a Show
Episode 9: The Choice
Episode 8: The Source
Episode 7: The Day Kingsfield Missed Class
Episode 6: The Big D
Episode 5: Pressure
Episode 4: Laura's Struggle
Episode 3: Free Advice
Episode 2: Decisions (2)
Episode 1: Decisions (1)
Episode 22: Scavenger Hunt
Episode 21: A Case of Detente
Episode 20: The Tables Down at Ernie's
Episode 19: The Clay Footed Idol
Episode 18: Once More with Feeling
Episode 17: The Apprentice
Episode 16: A Matter of Anger
Episode 15: The Man in the Chair
Episode 14: Losing Streak
Episode 13: An Act of Desperation
Episode 12: Bell and Love
Episode 11: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Episode 10: Kingsfield's Daughter
Episode 9: Moot Court
Episode 8: The Seating Chart
Episode 7: Da Da
Episode 6: Nancy
Episode 5: Voices of Silence
Episode 4: Great Expectations
Episode 3: A Day in the Life of . . .
Episode 2: The Man Who Would Be King
Episode 1: The Paper Chase