The Odd Couple (1970)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: One is neat, one is a slob. Both are divorced and need a place to stay. That's how fussy photographer Felix Unger and sloppy sportswriter Oscar Madison end up sharing a New York City apartment. The arguments are endless but funny; it's like watching your parents fight. Read More



Episode 22: Felix Remarries
Episode 21: Laugh, Clown, Laugh
Episode 20: Old Flames Never Die
Episode 19: The Roy Clark Show
Episode 18: Two Men on a Hoarse
Episode 17: The Rent Strike
Episode 16: Felix the Horse Player
Episode 15: Your Mother Wears Army Boots
Episode 14: Two on the Aisle
Episode 13: The Bigger They Are
Episode 12: Oscar in Love
Episode 11: The Big Broadcast
Episode 10: Our Fathers
Episode 9: The Paul Williams Show
Episode 8: The Subway Show
Episode 7: The Odd Candidate
Episode 6: Strike Up the Band or Else
Episode 5: The Dog Story
Episode 4: The Hollywood Story
Episode 3: The Frog
Episode 2: To Bowl or Not to Bowl
Episode 1: The Rain in Spain
Episode 22: One for the Bunny
Episode 21: New York's Oddest
Episode 20: The Insomniacs
Episode 19: A Different Drummer
Episode 18: Shuffling Off to Buffalo
Episode 17: Vocal Girl Makes Good
Episode 16: The Flying Felix
Episode 15: Cleanliness is Next to Impossible
Episode 14: The Moonlighter
Episode 13: A Barnacle Adventure
Episode 12: The Exorcists
Episode 11: Maid for Each Other
Episode 10: The Pig Who Came to Dinner
Episode 9: Felix Directs
Episode 8: The Songwriter
Episode 7: That Is the Army, Mrs. Madison
Episode 6: The New Car
Episode 5: The Odd Holiday
Episode 4: That Was No Lady
Episode 3: The Odd Decathalon
Episode 2: Last Tango in Newark
Episode 1: Gloria Moves In
Episode 23: The Murray Who Came to Dinner
Episode 22: Take My Furniture, Please
Episode 21: The Odyssey Couple
Episode 20: Let's Make a Deal
Episode 19: My Strife in Court
Episode 18: The Hustler
Episode 17: Myrna's Debut
Episode 16: The Ides of April
Episode 15: I Gotta Be Me
Episode 14: Sometimes a Great Ocean
Episode 13: Don't Believe in Roomers
Episode 12: The Odd Father
Episode 11: Password
Episode 10: Oscar's Birthday
Episode 9: The First Baby
Episode 8: Felix's First Commercial
Episode 7: The Odd Couples
Episode 6: I'm Dying of Unger
Episode 5: The Odd Monks
Episode 4: The Pen Is Mightier Than the Pencil
Episode 3: The Princess
Episode 2: Big Mouth
Episode 1: Gloria, Hallelujah
Episode 23: Psychic, Shmycic
Episode 22: Oscar's Promotion
Episode 21: A Night to Dismember
Episode 20: Good, Bad Boy
Episode 19: Partner's Investment
Episode 18: Where's Grandpa
Episode 17: You Saved My Life
Episode 16: Speak for Yourself
Episode 15: Security Arms
Episode 14: And Leave the Greyhound to Us?
Episode 13: Felix the Calypso Singer
Episode 12: Surprise, Surprise!
Episode 11: Being Divorced Is Never Having to Say I Do
Episode 10: Win One for Felix
Episode 9: The Odd Couple Meet Their Host
Episode 8: The Fat Farm
Episode 7: Does Your Mother Know You're Out, Rigoletto?
Episode 6: Murray the Fink
Episode 5: A Grave for Felix
Episode 4: Sleepwalker
Episode 3: Hospital Mates
Episode 2: Felix's Wife's Boyfriend
Episode 1: Natural Childbirth
Episode 24: Trapped
Episode 23: What Does a Naked Lady Say to You?
Episode 22: What Makes Felix Run
Episode 21: Oscar's New Life
Episode 20: A Taste of Money
Episode 19: You've Come a Long Way, Baby
Episode 18: Bunny Is Missing Down by the Lake
Episode 17: Engrave Trouble
Episode 16: Lovers Don't Make House Calls
Episode 15: The Hideaway
Episode 14: They Use Horseradish, Don't They?
Episode 13: The Blackout
Episode 12: Scrooge Gets an Oscar
Episode 11: Felix is Missing
Episode 10: It's All Over Now, Baby Bird
Episode 9: The Big Brothers
Episode 8: Oscar the Model
Episode 7: I Do, I Don't
Episode 6: Oscar's Ulcer
Episode 5: The Breakup
Episode 4: The Jury Story
Episode 3: Felix Gets Sick
Episode 2: Fight of the Felix
Episode 1: The Laundry Orgy