The Oath (2018)


Genre: Crime , Drama

Plot: Explore a gang world we've never seen before: gangs that are made up of the very men and women sworn to uphold the law – cops. Only select officers make the cut, but once inside, gang members will do what they must to protect each other from enemies inside and outside their ranks. Read More



Episode 8: Restitution
Episode 7: Exodus
Episode 6: Judas
Episode 5: Succession
Episode 4: Proposition
Episode 3: Mano
Episode 2: Aftermath
Episode 1: Revenge
Episode 10: Switch
Episode 9: The Loss
Episode 8: Retribution
Episode 7: Hunted
Episode 6: Allegiance
Episode 5: Payback
Episode 4: Betrayal
Episode 3: Snag
Episode 2: Consequences
Episode 1: The Deal