The New Adventures of Old Christine (2006)


Genre: Na , Comedy

Plot: Christine is divorced from Richard but continues to see him as a best friend, even when he becomes involved with a woman, also named "Christine." Living in an apartment with her son Ritchie, her brother Matthew rents a separate room in an outbuilding and the two of them feed off the insecurities of the other implanted by their mother during their upbringing. "Old" Christine runs a gym with her best friend Barb, whose name describes her wit. Christine's insecurities are not helped by the other parents at a posh school she and Richard send their son to, one that is generally thought to be beyond the means of regular working people. Read More



Episode 21: Get Smarter
Episode 20: Scream
Episode 19: I Love What You Do for Me
Episode 18: Revenge Makeover
Episode 17: Up in the Airport
Episode 16: Subway, Somehow
Episode 15: Sweet Charity
Episode 14: A Family Unfair
Episode 13: Truth or Dare
Episode 12: A Whale of a Tale
Episode 11: It's Beginning to Stink a Lot Like Christmas
Episode 10: Old Christine Meets Young Frankenstein
Episode 9: I Love Woo, I Hate You
Episode 8: Love Means Never Having to Say You're Crazy
Episode 7: Nuts
Episode 6: The Curious Case of Britney B.
Episode 5: Dr. Little Man
Episode 4: For Love or Money
Episode 3: The Mole
Episode 2: Burning Love
Episode 1: Bahamian Rhapsody
Episode 22: Love: A Cautionary Tale
Episode 21: The Old Maid of Honor
Episode 20: He Ain't Heavy
Episode 19: Hair
Episode 18: A Change of Heart/Pants
Episode 17: Too Close for Christine
Episode 16: Honey, I Ran Over the Kid
Episode 15: Reckless Abandonment
Episode 14: What Happens in Vegas is Disgusting in Vegas
Episode 13: Notes on a 7th Grade Scandal
Episode 12: Happy Endings
Episode 11: Unidentified Funk
Episode 10: Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?
Episode 9: Rage Against the Christine
Episode 8: Self-Esteem Tempura
Episode 7: So You Think You Can Date
Episode 6: Tie Me Up, Don't Tie Me Down
Episode 5: Everyone Says I Love You Except Ritchie
Episode 4: Snakes on a Date
Episode 3: White Like Me
Episode 2: How I Hate Your Mother
Episode 1: A Decent Proposal
Episode 10: One and a Half Men
Episode 9: The Happy Couple (2)
Episode 8: Burning Down the House (1)
Episode 7: House
Episode 6: The New Adventures of Old Christine
Episode 5: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Episode 4: Traffic
Episode 3: Popular
Episode 2: Beauty is Only Spanx Deep
Episode 1: The Big Bang
Episode 22: Frasier
Episode 21: Friends
Episode 20: My Big Fat Sober Wedding
Episode 19: Faith Off
Episode 18: The Real Thing
Episode 17: Strange Bedfellows
Episode 16: Undercover Brother
Episode 15: Sleepless in Mar Vista
Episode 14: Let Him Eat Cake
Episode 13: Endless Shrimp, Endless Night
Episode 12: Ritchie Scores
Episode 11: Crash
Episode 10: What About Barb?
Episode 9: Mission: Impossible
Episode 8: Women 'n Tuition
Episode 7: Playdate with Destiny
Episode 6: The Champ
Episode 5: Separation Anxiety
Episode 4: Oh God, Yes
Episode 3: Come to Papa Jeff
Episode 2: The Answer is Maybe
Episode 1: The Passion of the Christine
Episode 13: A Fair to Remember
Episode 12: Some of my Best Friends Are Portuguese
Episode 11: Exile on Lame Street
Episode 10: No Fault Divorce
Episode 9: Ritchie Has Two Mommies
Episode 8: Teach Your Children Well
Episode 7: Long Days Journey Into Stan
Episode 6: The Other F Word
Episode 5: I'll Show You Mine
Episode 4: One Toe Over the Line, Sweet Jesus
Episode 3: Open Water
Episode 2: Supertramp
Episode 1: Pilot