The New Adventures of Gilligan (1974)


Genre: Animation , Comedy

Plot: "The New Adventures of Gilligan" was an animated revival of the still-popular classic sitcom. It was basically an animated remake of "Gilligan's Island." It had more character depth than the original series, and we even learned that Mary Ann had a crush on Gilligan! Read More



Episode 8: Moderation
Episode 7: The Great Train Robbery
Episode 6: Silence is Leaden
Episode 5: The Movie Makers
Episode 4: Wheels on Parade
Episode 3: Live and Let Live
Episode 2: Marooned Again
Episode 1: Super Gilligan
Episode 15: The Same Old Dream
Episode 14: The Reluctant Hero
Episode 13: A Sinking Feeling
Episode 12: The Disappearing Act
Episode 11: Their Own Image
Episode 10: The Olympiad
Episode 9: The Loners
Episode 8: The Ego Trip
Episode 7: Lollipop Casserole
Episode 6: Opening Night
Episode 5: Wrong Way Robot
Episode 4: Father of His Island
Episode 3: Raven Mad
Episode 2: Looney Moon
Episode 1: Off Limits