The Mod Squad (1968)


Genre: Action , Crime , Drama

Plot: They were three hipper-than-hip undercover cops with a touch of menace and plenty of attitude. They walked the walk and talked the talk--and an entire generation stepped into line. Julie, Linc and Pete--Peggy Lipton, Clarence Williams III and Michael Cole, respectively--changed the television landscape. Now, take a journey back to the turbulent '60s and relive the phenomenon known as The Mod Squad, a bold TV series that redefined fashion, from hairstyles to language. "Solid." One Black, One White, One Blonde.................. The early cop show format, as defined by shows like Dragnet, was certainly entertaining, but let's face it¦sometimes those flatfoots could be a bit square. The cops doled out justice, but they didn't have a lot of fun doing it. It seemed that the description of TV cops might never include the word "cool," until (whew!) The Mod Squad showed up to save the day. Read More



Episode 26: A Seat by the Window
Episode 25: Peace Now -- Arly Blau
Episode 24: Captain Greer, Call Surgery
Episode 23: Keep the Faith, Baby
Episode 22: Child of Sorrow, Child of Light
Episode 21: A Run for the Money
Episode 20: A Reign of Guns
Episode 19: The Uptight Town
Episode 18: A Hint of Darkness, A Hint of Light
Episode 17: Fear is the Bucking Horse
Episode 16: Shell Game
Episode 15: Flight Five Doesn't Answer
Episode 14: Hello Mother, My Name Is Julie
Episode 13: The Sunday Drivers
Episode 12: The Guru
Episode 11: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starlet
Episode 10: Love
Episode 9: A Quiet Weekend in the Country
Episode 8: The Price of Terror
Episode 7: Find Tara Chapman!
Episode 6: A Time to Love, A Time to Cry
Episode 5: You Can't Tell the Players Without a Programmer
Episode 4: When Smitty Comes Marching Home
Episode 3: My, What a Pretty Bus
Episode 2: Bad Man on Campus
Episode 1: The Teeth of the Barracuda