The Moaning of Life (2013)


Genre: Adventure , Comedy , Reality-tv

Plot: Now Karl’s turned 40 and has officially hit middle age, it’s time for him to re-assess his life. He’s not married, he doesn’t have kids, he’s got a job where he’s known as an ‘idiot’, and he’s known for being miserable. He’s classic ‘mid-life crisis’ material. As Karl attempts to put his life in order, he’ll be dispatched around the world on a crash course to find out how other cultures deal with life’s big questions. The ups and downs of Karl’s experiences will be contrasted against the beautiful geography of the countries he visits, captured on HD with stunning aerial photography. Read More



Episode 6: Time
Episode 5: Waste
Episode 4: The Body
Episode 3: How to Live Your Life
Episode 2: Identity
Episode 1: Art
Episode 5: Death
Episode 4: Vocation and Money
Episode 3: Kids
Episode 2: Happiness
Episode 1: Marriage