The Mighty Ones (2020)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family

Plot: Follow the hilarious adventures of a group of creatures: a twig, a pebble, a leaf and a strawberry. These best friends, self-named The Mighty Ones, live in an unkempt backyard belonging to a trio of equally unkempt humans whom they mistake for gods. Read More



Episode 10: Berry’s Pet Threat
Episode 9: Unintended Bunnyness
Episode 8: Leaf’s Still Cool
Episode 7: Bumbleberry
Episode 6: Wetyard
Episode 5: Mr. Ladybug’s Secret
Episode 4: Fire-Fly
Episode 3: A Stinky Situation
Episode 2: Fresh Coat of Pain
Episode 1: Two Twigs
Episode 6: Twig Puts Down Roots
Episode 2: The Great Invisi-Barrier
Episode 1: Rocksy's In a Hole Lotta Trouble