The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970)


Plot: The Mary Tyler Moore Show is an American television sitcom created by James L. Brooks and Allan Burns that aired on CBS from 1970 to 1977. The program was a television breakthrough, with the first never-married, independent career woman as the central character: "As Mary Richards, a single woman in her thirties, Moore presented a character different from other single TV women of the time. She was not widowed or divorced or seeking a man to support her." It has also been cited as "one of the most acclaimed television programs ever produced" in US television history. It received high praise from critics, including Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series three years in a row, and continued to be honored long after the final episode aired. Read More



Episode 24: The Last Show
Episode 23: Lou Dates Mary
Episode 22: Mary's Big Party
Episode 21: Mary's Three Husbands
Episode 20: Murray Ghosts for Ted
Episode 19: Mary and the Sexagenarian
Episode 18: Hail the Conquering Gordy
Episode 17: Sue Ann Gets the Ax
Episode 16: The Ted & Georgette Show
Episode 15: Lou's Army Reunion
Episode 14: The Critic
Episode 13: Look at Us, We're Walking
Episode 12: Ted's Temptation
Episode 11: Mary's Insomnia
Episode 10: Murray Can't Lose
Episode 9: Lou Proposes
Episode 8: Mary Gets a Lawyer
Episode 7: My Son, the Genius
Episode 6: One Producer Too Many
Episode 5: Ted's Change of Heart
Episode 4: What's Wrong with Swimming?
Episode 3: Sue Ann's Sister
Episode 2: Mary the Writer
Episode 1: Mary Midwife
Episode 24: Ted and the Kid
Episode 23: Sue Ann Falls in Love
Episode 22: A Reliable Source
Episode 21: Mary's Aunt Returns
Episode 20: Murray Takes a Stand
Episode 19: Menage-a-Lou
Episode 18: Once I Had a Secret Love
Episode 17: The Seminar
Episode 16: Not With My Wife, I Don't
Episode 15: What Do You Want to Do When You Produce?
Episode 14: One Boyfriend Too Many
Episode 13: The Happy Homemaker Takes Lou Home
Episode 12: Ted's Tax Refund
Episode 11: Mary Richards Falls in Love
Episode 10: Lou Douses an Old Flame
Episode 9: Ted's Wedding
Episode 8: Mary's Delinquent
Episode 7: Chuckles Bites the Dust
Episode 6: Mary's Aunt
Episode 5: Ted's Moment of Glory
Episode 4: Murray In Love
Episode 3: Mary's Father
Episode 2: Mary Moves Out
Episode 1: Edie Gets Married
Episode 24: Anyone Who Hates Kids and Dogs
Episode 23: Ted Baxter's Famous Broadcasters' School
Episode 22: You Can't Lose 'em All
Episode 21: You Try To Be a Nice Guy
Episode 20: Marriage Minneapolis Style
Episode 19: The Shame of the Cities
Episode 18: Phyllis Whips Inflation
Episode 17: The System
Episode 16: Mary Richards: Producer
Episode 15: An Affair to Forget
Episode 14: A Girl Like Mary
Episode 13: Neighbors
Episode 12: A Son for Murray
Episode 11: A Boy's Best Friend
Episode 10: What Are Friends For?
Episode 9: Not a Christmas Story
Episode 8: Menage-a-Phyllis
Episode 7: The New Sue Ann
Episode 6: I Love a Piano
Episode 5: The Outsider
Episode 4: Lou and That Woman
Episode 3: You Sometimes Hurt the One You Hate
Episode 2: Not Just Another Pretty Face
Episode 1: Will Mary Richards Go to Jail?
Episode 24: I Was a Single for WJM
Episode 23: Two Wrongs Don't Make a Writer
Episode 22: Lou's Second Date
Episode 21: Ted Baxter Meets Walter Cronkite
Episode 20: Better Late . . . That's a Pun . . . Than Never
Episode 19: Best of Enemies
Episode 18: The Co-Producers
Episode 17: Cottage for Sale
Episode 16: WJM Tries Harder
Episode 15: Happy Birthday, Lou!
Episode 14: Almost a Nun's Story
Episode 13: I Gave at the Office
Episode 12: We Want Baxter
Episode 11: Just Friends
Episode 10: The Dinner Party
Episode 9: Love Blooms at Hemples
Episode 8: Lou's First Date
Episode 7: Son of “But Seriously, Folks”
Episode 6: Father's Day
Episode 5: Hi There, Sports Fans
Episode 4: The Lou and Edie Story
Episode 3: Rhoda's Sister Gets Married
Episode 2: Angels in the Snow
Episode 1: The Lars Affair
Episode 24: Mary Richards and the Incredible Plant Lady
Episode 23: Put On a Happy Face
Episode 22: Remembrance of Things Past
Episode 21: Murray Faces Life
Episode 20: What Do You Do When the Boss Says, “I Love You”?
Episode 19: Romeo and Mary
Episode 18: The Georgette Story
Episode 17: My Brother's Keeper
Episode 16: Lou's Place
Episode 15: The Courtship of Mary's Father's Daughter
Episode 14: Rhoda Morgenstern: Minneapolis to New York
Episode 13: Operation: Lou
Episode 12: It Was Fascination, I Know
Episode 11: You've Got a Friend
Episode 10: Have I Found a Guy for You
Episode 9: Farmer Ted and the News
Episode 8: But Seriously, Folks
Episode 7: Just Around the Corner
Episode 6: Rhoda the Beautiful
Episode 5: It's Whether You Win or Lose
Episode 4: Enter Rhoda's Parents
Episode 3: Who's in Charge Here?
Episode 2: What is Mary Richards Really Like?
Episode 1: The Good-Time News
Episode 24: His Two Right Arms
Episode 23: Some of My Best Friends Are Rhoda
Episode 22: You Certainly Are a Big Boy
Episode 21: Where There's Smoke, There's Rhoda
Episode 20: The Care and Feeding of Parents
Episode 19: More Than Neighbors
Episode 18: Baby Sit-Com
Episode 17: The Slaughter Affair
Episode 16: Feeb
Episode 15: The Five-Minute Dress
Episode 14: Ted Over Heels
Episode 13: The Square-Shaped Room
Episode 12: . . . Is a Friend in Need
Episode 11: The Six-and-a-Half-Year Itch
Episode 10: Don't Break the Chain
Episode 9: And Now, Sitting in for Ted Baxter
Episode 8: Thoroughly Unmilitant Mary
Episode 7: Didn't You Used to Be . . . Wait . . . Don't Tell Me
Episode 6: Cover Boy
Episode 5: A Girl's Best Mother Is Not Her Friend
Episode 4: Room 223
Episode 3: He's No Heavy . . . He's My Brother
Episode 2: I Am Curious Cooper
Episode 1: The Birds . . . and . . . um . . . Bees
Episode 24: The 45-Year-Old Man
Episode 23: Smokey the Bear Wants You
Episode 22: A Friend in Deed
Episode 21: The Boss Isn't Coming to Dinner
Episode 20: Hi!
Episode 19: We Closed in Minneapolis
Episode 18: Second Story Story
Episode 17: Just a Lunch
Episode 16: Party is Such Sweet Sorrow
Episode 15: Howard's Girl
Episode 14: Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid II
Episode 13: He's All Yours
Episode 12: Anchorman Overboard
Episode 11: 1040 or Fight
Episode 10: Assistant Wanted, Female
Episode 9: Bob & Rhoda & Teddy & Mary
Episode 8: The Snow Must Go On
Episode 7: Toulouse-Lautrec is One of My Favorite Artists
Episode 6: Support Your Local Mother
Episode 5: Keep Your Guard Up
Episode 4: Divorce Isn't Everything
Episode 3: Bess, You is My Daughter Now
Episode 2: Today I Am a Ma'am
Episode 1: Love is All Around