The Man Show (1999)


Genre: Comedy , Talk-show

Plot: Grab a beer and drop your pants send the wife and kid to France It's The Man Show Quit your job and light a fart Yank your favorite private part It's The Man Show! It's a place where men can come together Look at the cans on this chick named Heather Juggy girls on trampolines Time to loosen those blue jeans It's The Man Show! The show celebrates all that is manly, from beer to women to porn, and though is at times less than tasteful, never takes itself seriously and does everything tongue and cheek along with a wink and a smile. After 4 season, the co-hosts Adam Corrolla and Jimmy Kimmell moved on, and were replaced by Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope. This is beleived to be what killed the show, after it was cancelled after just one season with the new hosts. Read More



Episode 11: Compilation Show II
Episode 10: Hot Tubs for Humanity
Episode 9: Juggy Boot Camp
Episode 8: Guess Whose Asscrack
Episode 7: Juan Goes Wild
Episode 6: Sexy Censor Pays a Visit
Episode 5: Stealing Another Man's Midget
Episode 4: A Man Show Man Tribute
Episode 3: That's My Boy!
Episode 2: Joe & Doug Road Trip
Episode 1: Tonya Harding Boxing Match
Episode 9: Toilet Expo
Episode 8: Breakup Bounty Hunters
Episode 7: Midget Porn
Episode 6: Make Me Stiff
Episode 5: The Other Side with Joel Rogal
Episode 4: Dr. Phil
Episode 3: Breast Implant Fashion Show
Episode 2: Wheel of Destiny
Episode 21: Best Of
Episode 20: Final Show
Episode 19: Lesbians and Rosie
Episode 18: Horse Racing
Episode 17: Apologizing
Episode 16: Kids
Episode 15: Wheel of Destiny
Episode 14: 100 Shots With Super Dave
Episode 13: Bachlorette Party
Episode 12: Adam and Jimmy In Jail
Episode 11: Sports-O-Vations
Episode 10: Penis Names
Episode 9: Casual Sex Friday
Episode 8: The Bra
Episode 7: Topless Juggy Car Wash
Episode 6: The Juggbournes
Episode 5: Learn to Be A Pimp
Episode 4: Bosom Springs
Episode 3: Man Show Boy Phenomena
Episode 2: Women and Sex
Episode 1: Juggy Audition
Episode 26: Wild Wild West Spectacular
Episode 25: Outdoor Show
Episode 24: Mardi Gras
Episode 23: Assoholics Anonymous
Episode 22: Wife Disguise Kit / Wheel of Destiny
Episode 21: Officer Adam / Golf
Episode 20: Undercover Bartenders
Episode 19: Bathroom Interviews
Episode 18: Toplessness In America
Episode 17: Christmas Show
Episode 16: Juggs Judy
Episode 15: Elevator Full of Juggies
Episode 14: Man Show Boy Sells Beer
Episode 13: Las Vegas Season End
Episode 12: Man Show Boy Gets a Fake ID
Episode 11: Breast Feeding Juggies
Episode 10: Labor Day Special
Episode 9: Juggy Water Park
Episode 8: Movie Show
Episode 7: Man Show Boy Hits the Beach
Episode 6: Oprah Jimfrey / Wheel of Destiny
Episode 5: Salute to Advertising
Episode 4: Sock Puppet Porn
Episode 3: Got Gas
Episode 2: Drunken Pilots
Episode 1: Sperm Bank
Episode 26: Jamaica
Episode 25: About Sex
Episode 24: Laziness
Episode 23: Phone Sex
Episode 22: The Work Place
Episode 21: Sex Show
Episode 20: Credit Cards
Episode 19: Work Place Behavior
Episode 18: Car Show
Episode 17: Girl Scouts
Episode 16: Holiday Show
Episode 15: Benny Hill
Episode 14: Juggy Training
Episode 13: Hef's House
Episode 12: Smear Campaigns
Episode 11: About College
Episode 10: Sports Show
Episode 9: We Donate to Charity
Episode 8: How to Get a Man
Episode 7: TV Shows
Episode 6: Introducing Karl Malone
Episode 5: Buy Me a Beer?
Episode 4: Powerful Women
Episode 3: Husbandly Duties
Episode 2: The Man Show Boy
Episode 1: More Juggies!
Episode 22: Super Bowl Show
Episode 21: Compilation 2
Episode 20: New Year's Resolution Show
Episode 19: Millennium
Episode 18: Holiday Show
Episode 17: Practical Jokes
Episode 16: Veal
Episode 15: The Woman Show
Episode 14: Thanks Man Show
Episode 13: Underwear
Episode 12: Mysteries of Women
Episode 11: Jobs
Episode 10: Compilation
Episode 9: Sports
Episode 8: Wedding
Episode 7: Drinking
Episode 6: Bathroom
Episode 5: Bets/Zembic
Episode 4: Appearances
Episode 3: Bad Old Days
Episode 2: They Don't Want Sex As Much As We Do
Episode 1: Oprahization