The Magician (1973)


Genre: Adventure , Crime , Drama , Mystery

Plot: Anthony Blake is a very compassionate and wealthy magician, who uses his talents as an illusionist and escape artist to help people in trouble. Max Pomeroy, a friend who is a syndicated columnist, describes him as "One of the few individuals in this age of numbness, who can still regard the suffering of a fellow human being as his own." He is motivated to help because he had been falsely imprisoned in South America for espionage. Read More



Episode 21: The Illusion of the Evil Spikes
Episode 20: The Illusion of the Cat's Eye
Episode 19: The Illusion of the Lethal Playthings
Episode 18: The Illusion of the Fatal Arrow
Episode 17: The Illusion of the Deadly Conglomerate
Episode 16: The Illusion of the Lost Dragon
Episode 15: The Illusion of Black Gold
Episode 14: The Illusion of the Queen's Gambit
Episode 13: The Illusion of the Stainless Steel Lady
Episode 12: The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit (2)
Episode 11: The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit (1)
Episode 10: Shattered Image
Episode 9: Nightmare in Steel
Episode 8: The Man Who Lost Himself
Episode 7: Lady in a Trap
Episode 6: Man on Fire
Episode 5: Ovation for Murder
Episode 4: Lightning on a Dry Day
Episode 3: Illusion in Terror
Episode 2: The Vanishing Lady
Episode 1: The Manhunters