The Machinery (2020)


Genre: Action , Thriller

Plot: Olle Hultén, a seemingly regular family man., hasn't a clue how he ended up on the ferry between Sandefjord in Norway and Strömstad in Sweden, the morning after a big night out with his workmates. Nor does he know how a bag of money, a gun and a ski mask came to be next to him. What he does know is to run when police chase him. As Olle sets out to find who's framing him, we're left wondering about his true identity. Is he guilty of what he's being accused of? Read More



Episode 8: Dream House
Episode 7: Weaknesses
Episode 6: Mexico
Episode 5: Hatred
Episode 4: The Body Bag
Episode 3: Living dead
Episode 2: Guilty?
Episode 1: Hunted