The Loud House (2016)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Family

Plot: Things are crowded in the Loud household, with 11 children -- 10 girls and one boy -- causing craziness in the house. As the only boy, 11-year-old Lincoln is in the middle of all of the chaos. Whether his sisters are giving him unwanted makeovers or he's racing them to the couch to gain control of the TV, Lincoln is often getting involved in antics with his siblings. Lincoln's best friend Clyde, who happens to be an only child, is jealous of Lincoln's large family and is always willing to play his part in the schemes. Clyde has a crush on Lori, Lincoln's oldest sister and self-proclaimed boss, who is dating Bobby, who holds many jobs -- including lifeguard and mall security guard -- even though he's not very smart. Read More

Next Episode 5x39 Date: Oct 29th



Episode 34: Purrfect Gig
Episode 33: Write and Wrong
Episode 32: Brave the Last Dance
Episode 31: Singled Out
Episode 30: Game Off
Episode 29: Deep Cuts
Episode 28: Community Disservice
Episode 27: Exchange of Heart
Episode 26: Geri-Antics
Episode 25: Good Sports
Episode 24: A Pimple Plan
Episode 23: Stall Monitor
Episode 22: Rocket Men
Episode 21: Love Birds
Episode 20: A Mutt Above
Episode 19: Can't Hardly Wait
Episode 18: Last Loud on Earth
Episode 17: Tails of Woe
Episode 15: Leader of the Rack
Episode 14: A Grave Mistake
Episode 13: Any Given Sundae
Episode 12: Present Tense
Episode 11: Recipe for Disaster
Episode 10: Washed Up
Episode 8: Store Wars with the Casagrandes
Episode 7: Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes
Episode 6: Face the Music with the Casagrandes
Episode 5: No Show with the Casagrandes
Episode 4: Roll Model with the Casagrandes
Episode 3: Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes
Episode 2: Power Play with the Casagrandes
Episode 1: Friended! with the Casagrandes
Episode 48: Antiqued Off
Episode 47: Stage Plight
Episode 45: The Write Stuff
Episode 43: Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
Episode 41: Driving Ambition
Episode 39: Really Loud Music
Episode 38: The Loudest Thanksgiving
Episode 37: Tea Tale Heart
Episode 36: Jeers for Fears
Episode 35: Middle Men
Episode 34: Everybody Loves Leni
Episode 33: Missed Connection
Episode 32: The Spies Who Loved Me
Episode 31: Sitting Bull
Episode 30: Game Boys
Episode 29: House of Lies
Episode 28: Be Stella My Heart
Episode 27: Gown and Out
Episode 26: Absent Minded
Episode 25: Breaking Dad
Episode 24: Crimes of Fashion
Episode 23: Scales of Justice
Episode 22: Ruthless People
Episode 21: What Wood Lincoln Do?
Episode 20: Shop Girl
Episode 19: Pasture Bedtime
Episode 18: Tripped!
Episode 17: Friendzy
Episode 16: Deal Me Out
Episode 15: The Mad Scientist
Episode 14: Head Poet's Anxiety
Episode 13: Teachers' Union
Episode 12: Rita Her Rights
Episode 11: Fandom Pains
Episode 10: Pipe Dreams
Episode 9: Net Gains
Episode 8: Fool Me Twice
Episode 7: City Slickers
Episode 6: Insta-Gran
Episode 5: White Hare
Episode 4: No Place Like Homeschool
Episode 3: Selfie Improvement
Episode 2: A Fridge Too Far
Episode 1: Roadie to Nowhere
Episode 48: Snow Way Out
Episode 46: The Crying Dame
Episode 44: Legends
Episode 42: Read Aloud
Episode 40: Tricked!
Episode 39: No Laughing Matter
Episode 37: Yes Man
Episode 35: Lynner Takes All
Episode 33: Change of Heart
Episode 30: ARGGH! You For Real?
Episode 28: Potty Mouth
Episode 27: Fool's Paradise
Episode 25: The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos
Episode 24: Spell it Out
Episode 22: Out of the Picture
Episode 20: Pulp Friction
Episode 18: Fed Up
Episode 16: Kick the Bucket List
Episode 14: Patching Things Up
Episode 9: Lock 'N Loud
Episode 5: Baby Steps
Episode 4: Suite and Sour
Episode 3: 11 Louds a Leapin'
Episode 1: Intern for the Worse
Episode 52: Snow Bored
Episode 51: Funny Business
Episode 50: Study Muffin
Episode 49: Raw Deal
Episode 48: Cereal Offender
Episode 47: One of the Boys
Episode 46: One Flu Over the Loud House
Episode 45: The Price of Admission
Episode 44: April Fools Rules
Episode 43: Homespun
Episode 42: A Tattler's Tale
Episode 41: A Fair to Remember
Episode 40: Dance Dance Resolution
Episode 39: The Loudest Yard
Episode 38: The Waiting Game
Episode 37: Roughin' It
Episode 36: Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru
Episode 35: Come Sale Away
Episode 34: Save the Date
Episode 33: Attention Deficit
Episode 32: Out On A Limo
Episode 31: Cover Girls
Episode 30: A Novel Idea
Episode 29: Toads and Tiaras
Episode 28: Overnight Success
Episode 27: Two Boys and a Baby
Episode 26: House Music
Episode 25: It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House
Episode 24: The Butterfly Effect
Episode 23: The Green House
Episode 22: Ties that Bind
Episode 21: For Bros About to Rock
Episode 20: Space Invader
Episode 19: Sound of Silence
Episode 18: Changing the Baby
Episode 17: Sleuth or Consequences
Episode 16: Hand-Me-Downer
Episode 15: Linc or Swim
Episode 14: Undie Pressure
Episode 13: Picture Perfect
Episode 12: No Guts, No Glori
Episode 11: Driving Miss Hazy
Episode 10: A Tale of Two Tables
Episode 9: The Sweet Spot
Episode 8: In Tents Debate
Episode 7: Project Loud House
Episode 6: Chore and Peace
Episode 5: Along Came a Sister
Episode 4: Making the Case
Episode 3: Heavy Meddle
Episode 2: Get the Message
Episode 1: Left in the Dark