The Looney Tunes Show (2011)


Genre: Animation , Short , Adventure , Comedy , Family

Plot: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the rest of the “Looney Tunes” characters are back with more adventures for a new generation of viewers. The animated series features roommates Bugs and Daffy moving out of the woods and into the suburbs, interacting with their neighbors, who happen to be other "Looney Tunes" favorites -- including Sylvester, Tweety, Porky Pig and Foghorn Leghorn. Read More



Episode 26: SuperRabbit
Episode 25: Best Friends Redux
Episode 24: Mr. Weiner
Episode 23: Here Comes the Pig
Episode 22: Gossamer Is Awesomer
Episode 21: Year of the Duck
Episode 20: The Shell Game
Episode 19: Ridiculous Journey
Episode 18: The Grand Old Duck of York
Episode 17: Gribbler's Quest
Episode 16: Mrs. Porkbunny's
Episode 15: The Black Widow
Episode 14: Spread Those Wings and Fly
Episode 13: Daffy Duck Esquire
Episode 12: Dear John
Episode 11: We're in Big Truffle
Episode 10: A Christmas Carol
Episode 9: It's a Handbag
Episode 8: The Stud, the Nerd, the Average Joe, and the Saint
Episode 7: Customer Service
Episode 6: Father Figure
Episode 5: Semper Lie
Episode 4: Rebel Without a Glove
Episode 3: Itsy Bitsy Gopher
Episode 2: You've Got Hate Mail
Episode 1: Bobcats on Three!
Episode 26: Point, Laser Point
Episode 25: The Muh-Muh-Muh-Murder
Episode 24: The Shelf
Episode 23: The Float
Episode 22: Beauty School
Episode 21: French Fries
Episode 20: Working Duck
Episode 19: Off Duty Cop
Episode 18: The DMV
Episode 17: Sunday Night Slice
Episode 16: That's My Baby
Episode 15: Bugs and Daffy Get a Job
Episode 14: Newspaper Thief
Episode 13: To Bowl or Not to Bowl
Episode 12: Double Date
Episode 11: Peel of Fortune
Episode 10: Eligible Bachelors
Episode 9: The Foghorn Leghorn Story
Episode 8: Devil Dog
Episode 7: Casa de Calma
Episode 6: Reunion
Episode 5: Monster Talent
Episode 4: Fish and Visitors
Episode 3: Jailbird and Jailbunny
Episode 2: Members Only
Episode 1: Best Friends