The Living Planet (1984)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: David Attenborough examines the various environments of the planet Earth on which life has produced amazing solutions to the problems it encounter while trying to survive. Filmed in 63 countries, on all 7 continents and over 3 years, this is the second part in David Attenborough's trilogy of programmes on the Earth and it's inhabitants. Read More



Episode 12: New Worlds
Episode 11: The Open Ocean
Episode 10: Worlds Apart
Episode 9: The Margins of the Land
Episode 8: Sweet Fresh Water
Episode 7: The Sky Above
Episode 6: The Baking Deserts
Episode 5: Seas of Grass
Episode 4: Jungle
Episode 3: The Northern Forests
Episode 2: The Frozen World
Episode 1: The Building of the Earth