The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams (1977)


Genre: Adventure , Family , Western

Plot: In the 1850s, a farmer named James Adams is accused of a crime he didn't commit and must flee into the mountains. There, he rescues and cares for an abandoned grizzly bear cub who subsequently grows into a powerful adult companion named Ben. In addition, Adams learns that he has an uncanny link to much of the wildlife of the region who interact with him on their own without fear or aggression. Now "Grizzly" Adams lives in the wilderness with only an old trader named Mad Jack and an Native American named Nakoma as his only regular human friends. There he meets and aids a variety of visitors who usually are unused to the dangers this beautiful land can have. Unfortunately, while he protects the wildlife from unnecessary harm, he still must be watchful for the bounty hunters looking for the price on his head. Read More



Episode 24: Once Upon a Starry Night
Episode 23: The World's Greatest Bounty Hunter
Episode 22: The Skyrider
Episode 21: The Quest
Episode 20: The Stranger
Episode 19: The Renewal
Episode 18: The Littlest Greenhorn
Episode 17: The Great Burro Race
Episode 16: The Runaway
Episode 15: A Gentleman Tinker
Episode 14: The Seekers
Episode 13: A Time of Thirsting
Episode 12: Marvin the Magnificent
Episode 11: The Spoilers
Episode 10: Woman in the Wilderness
Episode 9: The Choice
Episode 8: Track of the Cougar
Episode 7: Gold Is Where You Find It
Episode 6: The Search
Episode 5: The Orphans
Episode 4: The Trial
Episode 3: A Bear's Life
Episode 2: Survival
Episode 1: Hot Air Hero
Episode 13: The Storm
Episode 12: Home of the Hawk
Episode 11: Beaver Dam
Episode 10: The Unholy Beast
Episode 9: The Rivals
Episode 8: The Tenderfoot
Episode 7: The Redemption of Ben
Episode 6: Adam's Ark
Episode 5: Howdy-Do, I'm Mad Jack
Episode 4: Unwelcome Neighbor
Episode 3: The Fugitive
Episode 2: Blood Brothers
Episode 1: Adam's Cub