The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (1955)


Genre: Western

Plot: The first of it's kind...the original adult western. The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp was the first in a wave of new TV westerns aimed at adults (previous entries, such as The Cisco Kid and The Lone Ranger, were considered fodder for the after-school crowd). The show was then followed, in the same season, by Gunsmoke on CBS, Frontier on NBC and Wyatt's fellow ABC show Cheyenne. It was these four shows alone that started an incredible and unmatched phenomena that would see up to 28 new westerns premiering during the 1958 primetime TV season. But only a handful of them were able to dominate a few of the top 10 spots in the network ratings and Wyatt Earp was one of them. Wyatt Earp was inspired by the legendary events of the real life Frontier Marshal who lived from 1848 to 1929. The show followed Earp from his days as a Marshal in Ellsworth and then later Dodge City (this caused some confusion amongst viewers since Matt Dillion was the Marshal of Dodge City in Gunsmoke) and finally Read More



Episode 37: The Outlaws Cry Murder (5)
Episode 36: Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (4)
Episode 35: Just Before The Battle (3)
Episode 34: When Brothers Join Up (2)
Episode 33: Requiem for Old Man Clanton (1)
Episode 32: Hiding Behind a Star
Episode 31: A Papa for Butch and Ginger
Episode 30: The Law Must Be Fair
Episode 29: Wyatt Earp's Baby
Episode 28: The Shooting Starts
Episode 27: Until Proven Guilty
Episode 26: The Convict's Revenge
Episode 25: Wyatt Takes the Primrose Path
Episode 24: Clanton and Cupid
Episode 23: The Good Mule and the Bad Mule
Episode 22: Apache Gold
Episode 21: Doc Holliday Faces Death
Episode 20: Casey and the Clowns
Episode 19: Johnny Behan Falls in Love
Episode 18: Loyalty
Episode 17: Old Slanders Never Die
Episode 16: Terror in the Desert
Episode 15: Horse Thief
Episode 14: Billy Buckett, Inc.
Episode 13: Winning Streak
Episode 12: Miss Sadie
Episode 11: Johnny Ringo's Girl
Episode 10: The Too Perfect Crime
Episode 9: He's My Brother
Episode 8: The Fanatic
Episode 7: Woman from Tucson
Episode 6: Big Brother
Episode 5: Study of a Crooked Sheriff
Episode 4: Shoot to Kill
Episode 3: Johnny Behind the Deuce
Episode 2: The Doctor
Episode 1: The Truth About Old Man Clanton
Episode 41: Wyatt's Bitterest Enemy
Episode 40: My Enemy - John Behan
Episode 39: The Toughest Judge in Arizona
Episode 38: The Confidence Man
Episode 37: The Posse
Episode 36: Roscoe Turns Detective
Episode 35: The Court vs. Doc Holliday
Episode 34: The Judge
Episode 33: John Clum, Fighting Editor
Episode 32: The Salvation of Emma Clanton
Episode 31: Behan's Double Game
Episode 30: His Life in His Hands
Episode 29: China Mary
Episode 28: The Buntline Special
Episode 27: The Scout
Episode 26: Don't Get Tough with a Sailor
Episode 25: The Arizona Lottery
Episode 24: The Case of Senor Huerto
Episode 23: Silver Dollar
Episode 22: Let's Hang Curly Bill
Episode 21: Frontier Surgeon
Episode 20: The Big Fight at Total Wreck
Episode 19: A Murderer's Return
Episode 18: Wells Fargo Calling Marshall Earp
Episode 17: Get Shotgun Gibbs
Episode 16: The Matchmaker
Episode 15: The Clantons' Family Row
Episode 14: The Paymaster
Episode 13: The Noble Outlaws
Episode 12: The Fugitive
Episode 11: Wyatt Wins One
Episode 10: The Ring of Death
Episode 9: Behan Shows His Hand
Episode 8: You Can't Fight City Hall
Episode 7: The Perfidy of Shotgun Gibbs
Episode 6: The Nugget and the Epitaph
Episode 5: Lineup for Battle
Episode 4: Wyatt's Decision
Episode 3: Tombstone
Episode 2: The Trail to Tombstone
Episode 1: Dodge City - Hail and Farewell
Episode 37: Arizona Comes to Dodge
Episode 36: Kelley Was Irish
Episode 35: Little Gray Home in the West
Episode 34: Dodge is Civilized
Episode 33: The Cyclone
Episode 32: Love and Shotgun Gibbs
Episode 31: The Actress
Episode 30: Doc Fabrique's Greatest Case
Episode 29: The Judas Goat
Episode 28: How to be a Sheriff
Episode 27: One Murder - Fifty Suspects
Episode 26: Juveniles - 1878
Episode 25: Horse Race
Episode 24: She Almost Married Wyatt
Episode 23: The Truth About Rawhide Geraghty
Episode 22: Bat Jumps the Reservation
Episode 21: Earp Ain't Wearin' Guns
Episode 20: The Muleskinner
Episode 19: Last Stand at Smoky Hill
Episode 18: Death for a Stolen Horse
Episode 17: A Good Man
Episode 16: The Reformation of Doc Holliday
Episode 15: Little Brother
Episode 14: Kill the Editor
Episode 13: Plague Carrier
Episode 12: Santa Fe War
Episode 11: Frontier Woman
Episode 10: Truth About Gunfighting
Episode 9: King of the Frontier
Episode 8: Remittance Man
Episode 7: Cattle Thieves
Episode 6: The Gatling Gun
Episode 5: The Mysterious Cowhand
Episode 4: Caught by a Whisker
Episode 3: The Bounty Killer
Episode 2: The Peacemaker
Episode 1: The Hole Up
Episode 39: My Husband
Episode 38: The Frame-Up
Episode 37: Four
Episode 36: Dig a Grave for Ben Thompson
Episode 35: Three
Episode 34: Doc Holliday Rewrites History
Episode 33: Two
Episode 32: The Underdog
Episode 31: One
Episode 30: County Seat War
Episode 29: It Had to Happen
Episode 28: Big Brother Virgil
Episode 27: When Sherman Marched Through Kansas
Episode 26: The Schoolteacher
Episode 25: Ballad and Truth
Episode 24: Wyatt Fights
Episode 23: Wyatt Earp Rides Shotgun
Episode 22: The Kansas Lily
Episode 21: The Imitation Jesse James
Episode 20: Sweet Revenge
Episode 19: The Manly Art
Episode 18: The General's Lady
Episode 17: One-Man Army
Episode 16: Bad Woman
Episode 15: Shadow of a Man
Episode 14: Woman Trouble
Episode 13: Indian Wife
Episode 12: The Good and Perfect Gift
Episode 11: Fortitude
Episode 10: Mr. Buntline's Vacation
Episode 9: The Magic Puddle
Episode 8: Little Pistol
Episode 7: Hung Jury
Episode 6: Warpath
Episode 5: Wells Fargo vs. Doc Holliday
Episode 4: Shoot to Kill
Episode 3: Pinkytown
Episode 2: The Big Bellyache
Episode 1: Call Me Your Honor
Episode 39: The Time for All Good Men
Episode 38: They Think They're Immortal
Episode 37: The Wicked Widow
Episode 36: The Gold Brick
Episode 35: Dull Knife Strikes for Freedom
Episode 34: Beautiful Friendship
Episode 33: Wyatt Meets Doc Holliday
Episode 32: The Equalizer
Episode 31: Old Jake
Episode 30: The Nice Ones Always Die First
Episode 29: Young Gun
Episode 28: The Vultures
Episode 27: Hang 'Em High
Episode 26: Bat Masterson for Sheriff
Episode 25: They Hired Some Guns
Episode 24: Command Performance
Episode 23: Vengeance Trail
Episode 22: Siege at Little Alamo
Episode 21: The Sharpshooter
Episode 20: Witness for the Defense
Episode 19: Wyatt and the Captain
Episode 18: The Man Who Rode With Custer
Episode 17: Shootin' Woman
Episode 16: Justice
Episode 15: The Hanging Judge
Episode 14: Nineteen Notches on His Gun
Episode 13: Take Back Your Town
Episode 12: The Lonesomest Man in the World
Episode 11: Bat Masterson Wins His Star
Episode 10: So Long, Dora, So Long
Episode 9: The Reformation of Jim Kelley
Episode 8: The Almost Dead Cowhand
Episode 7: A Quiet Day in Dodge City
Episode 6: Wyatt's Love Affair
Episode 5: Clay Allison
Episode 4: The Double Life of Dora Hand
Episode 3: Fight or Run
Episode 2: Dodge City Gets a New Marshal
Episode 1: Wichita Is Civilized
Episode 33: Bat Masterson Again
Episode 32: The War of the Colonels
Episode 31: Hunt the Man Down
Episode 30: The Suffragette
Episode 29: The Pinkertons
Episode 28: One of Jesse's Gang
Episode 27: The Necktie Party
Episode 26: The Desperate Half-Hour
Episode 25: The Englishman
Episode 24: Killing at Cowskin Creek
Episode 23: The Frontier Theatre
Episode 22: The Bribe
Episode 21: Mr. Cousin and Mr. Brother
Episode 20: It's a Wise Calf
Episode 19: The Assassins
Episode 18: Marshal Earp Plays Cupid
Episode 17: Ben Thompson Returns
Episode 16: The Buntline Special
Episode 15: Rich Man's Son
Episode 14: Trail's End for a Cowboy
Episode 13: Frontier Journalism Was Fearless
Episode 12: The Big Baby Contest
Episode 11: King of the Cattle Trails
Episode 10: The Bank Robbers
Episode 9: John Wesley Hardin
Episode 8: The Killer
Episode 7: The Gambler
Episode 6: The Man Who Lied
Episode 5: Wyatt Earp Comes to Wichita
Episode 4: Marshal Earp Meets General Lee
Episode 3: Bill Thompson Gives In
Episode 2: Mr. Earp Meets a Lady
Episode 1: Wyatt Earp Becomes A Marshal