The Last Detective (2003)


Genre: Comedy , Crime , Drama , Mystery

Plot: The Last Detective is a police drama with a slant towards the self relevatory in D.C. "Dangerous" Davies (Peter Davison), a detective on the streets of Willesden with heart and some self doubts, and his interactions with his "sidekick", Mod (Sean Hughes), his tough boss Aspinall (Rob Spendlove) and his struggle with a marriage gone wrong. Flashes of humour pepper this police drama based on Leslie Thomas' series of novels. Nicknamed "Dangerous" because of his rather plodding and straightforward style, Davies nonetheless uncovers the solution to the crime through astute detective work. Read More



Episode 5: Dead Peasants' Society
Episode 4: The Man from Montevideo
Episode 3: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Willesden
Episode 2: Dangerous' Liaisons
Episode 1: Once upon a Time on the Westway
Episode 4: Willesden Confidential
Episode 3: Three Steps To Hendon
Episode 2: Towpaths Of Glory
Episode 1: Friends Reunited
Episode 4: Dangerous and the Lonely Hearts
Episode 3: Benefit to Mankind
Episode 2: The Long Bank Holiday
Episode 1: Christine
Episode 4: Lofty
Episode 3: Tricia
Episode 2: Moonlight
Episode 1: Pilot