The Killer in My Family (2019)


Genre: Crime

Plot: This series tells the story of a killer, not from the point of view of the victim or their loved ones, but from the perspective of those who knew the murderer best - their family. Whether it's their father, sister, brother or ex-wife, we hear up close and personal what life was like with the killer in their life. Following the story of Ian Huntley, Fred West, Richard Ramirez, Phillip Fraser, Levil Bellfield and the honour killing of Surit Athwal. Read More



Episode 6: Lisa Montgomery
Episode 5: Russell Causley
Episode 4: Raoul Moat
Episode 3: Sante Kimes
Episode 2: Drew Peterson
Episode 1: Adrian Prout
Episode 6: John Orr
Episode 3: Steve Wright
Episode 6: Bachan Kaur Athwal
Episode 5: Phillip Fraser
Episode 2: Richard Ramirez ‘The Night Stalker'
Episode 1: Fred West