The Kill Point (2007)


Genre: Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller

Plot: John Leguizamo is "Mr. Wolf," the leader of a small group of military veterans who set out to rob a major bank in Pittsburgh. When things go awry, they're forced to take more than a dozen hostages from all walks of life, including a wealthy and powerful businessman's daughter. Suddenly, "Mr. Wolf" finds himself battling the police, the hostages and members of his own team while at the same time, fighting his own personal demons from the Iraq war and from his own war at home. Will he be sharp enough to hold it all together or lose control of the situation? And will he find redemption before it's too late -- and does he even care to? Read More



Episode 8: The Devil's Zoo (2)
Episode 7: The Devil's Zoo (1)
Episode 6: The Great Ape Escape
Episode 5: Visiting Hours
Episode 4: Pro Patria
Episode 3: No Meringue
Episode 2: Who's Afraid of Mr. Wolf?
Episode 1: Another Tour