The Karate Kid (1989)


Genre: Animation , Short , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Family

Plot: Based on "The Karate Kid" films, this 1989 animated series featured Daniel LaRusso (voiced by Joey Dedio) and his mentor Keisuke Miyagi (voiced by Robert Ito) abandoning the karate tournament motif for an adventure/quest setting. A miniature shrine with magic powers has been taken from its resting place on Okinawa, and it's up to Miyagi and Daniel to recover it. Together with an Okinawan girl, Taki Tamurai (voiced by Janice Kawaye), the karatekas search the globe and, naturally, encounter several opportunities to chop and kick their way out of trouble. Read More



Episode 13: A Little World of His Own
Episode 12: The Gray Ghosts
Episode 11: The Hunt
Episode 10: East Meets West
Episode 9: Walkabout
Episode 8: The Return of the Shrine
Episode 7: Over the Rainbow
Episode 6: All the World His Stage
Episode 5: The Paper Hero
Episode 4: The Tomorrow Man
Episode 3: The Homecoming
Episode 2: The Greatest Victory
Episode 1: My Brother's Keeper