The Jungle Bunch (2011)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Family

Plot: Through this series of reports and interviews, these animals will reveal a bit of their private lives to us and we will discover their habitat, their eating habits, their hobbies etc. In this way, they may explain to us how they spend their days; things that are not necessarily as extraordinary as we may think but certainly very interesting. These are everyday events, from their daily lives. Read More



Episode 52: The New Hero
Episode 51: Patator
Episode 50: Crescendo Megalo
Episode 49: The Jungle Bunch Are All In Place
Episode 48: Surprise!
Episode 47: Invaders From The Deep
Episode 46: Phantoms
Episode 45: Jungle Giggles
Episode 44: The Mini Jungle Bunch
Episode 43: A Fishbowl For Two
Episode 42: Double Frog Dare
Episode 41: Beware Of The Gorilla
Episode 40: Inseparable Duo
Episode 39: Egg Hunt
Episode 38: The Fake Fan
Episode 37: The Christmas Heist
Episode 36: For A Few Pearls More
Episode 35: Furies On The Prowl
Episode 34: SOS Meteorid
Episode 33: Saving Junior
Episode 32: A Sticky Situation
Episode 31: Ice Scream
Episode 30: Marcel The Puppet Master
Episode 29: Cast Their Nets
Episode 28: Brain Drain
Episode 27: The Good, The Baddies And The Intern
Episode 26: Rabbit Trickeries
Episode 25: This Land Is Not Your Land
Episode 24: The Jungle Genius Awards
Episode 23: 20,000 Bubbles Under The Sea
Episode 22: An Explosive Duel
Episode 21:
Episode 20: The Jungle Feast
Episode 19: Guave or PawPaw
Episode 18: Tarsier in Danger
Episode 17: Planet of the Ape
Episode 16: Jungle Bums
Episode 15: The Wild Bunch
Episode 14: For A Fistful of Cahouetes
Episode 13: A Secret Mole
Episode 12: Mammoths Rule!
Episode 11: Catch As Catch Can
Episode 10: All Bets Are Off
Episode 9: Pursuing The Green Emerald Pawpaw
Episode 8: Abracadabra
Episode 7: The Tiger Hunt
Episode 6: Bad Hamsters
Episode 5: Mini Jungle Bunch, Maxi Fear
Episode 4: Dance of the Vultures
Episode 3: The Melting Mangos
Episode 2: The Show Must Go On
Episode 1: The Cube
Episode 52: The Jungle Bunch Behind The Wheel
Episode 51: The Stars Stone
Episode 50: Hic Hic Hiccups!
Episode 49: The Mystery Of The Yellow Cave
Episode 48: Jungle Bunch Tackles A Wedding
Episode 47: Trippleped Strikes Back
Episode 46: Web Of Fear
Episode 45: Shells And Shellfish
Episode 44: The Cyclone Eye
Episode 43: Saving Al and Bob
Episode 42: Jungle Eyes
Episode 41: Desperately Seeking Bob
Episode 40: The Strongest Animal In The Jungle
Episode 39: Jungle Bells
Episode 38: The Jungle Bunch's Nightmare
Episode 37: Smoked Bananas
Episode 36: The Fan Club
Episode 35: The Fireflies Night
Episode 34: In Her Majesty Service
Episode 33: Junior's First Catch
Episode 32: Assault on the Jungle Bunch
Episode 31: The Prophecy
Episode 30: The Valley of Hundred Perils
Episode 29: Operation Dragon Mission
Episode 28: Possum Recall
Episode 27: The Night Monster
Episode 26: An Impossible Mission
Episode 25: Seven Minutes Flat
Episode 24: Daddy Miguel
Episode 23: Flight Over a Lettuce Nest
Episode 22: The Five Taos of Thunder
Episode 21: The Swamp
Episode 20: The Lost Groove
Episode 19: The Devastation
Episode 18: The Little Plant of Horrors
Episode 17: Old Jim's Treasure: Part 4
Episode 16: Old Jim's Treasure: Part 3
Episode 15: Old Jim's Treasure: Part 2
Episode 14: Old Jim's Treasure: Part 1
Episode 13: Free Fall
Episode 12: Boiling Show
Episode 11: The Striking Cry
Episode 10: Princess Groundhog
Episode 9: The Great Evil Itch
Episode 8: The Sand of Fire
Episode 7: Captain Cahouete
Episode 6: Mission Keep Calm
Episode 5: The Invasion Has Begun
Episode 4: The Bloody Berry
Episode 3: Rubies are Forever
Episode 2: The Boulder of Fear
Episode 1: Deep Into the Chasm