The Invisible Man (2000)


Genre: Action , Comedy , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: The Invisible Man is a Sci-Fi American television series starring Vincent Ventresca, Paul Ben-Victor, Eddie Jones, Shannon Kenny and Michael McCafferty. Somewhat more successful than previous television series involving invisible secret agents, it aired from June 9, 2000 to February 1, 2002, lasting two seasons. The plot revolves around Darien Fawkes, a thief facing life imprisonment who was recruited by a low-rent spy organization and given the power of invisibility via implantation of a special "Quicksilver gland" in his head. The gland allows Fawkes to secrete a light-bending substance called "Quicksilver" from his pores and follicles. The substance quickly coats his skin, hair, nails and clothes and renders him invisible. He can consciously release the Quicksilver, which then flakes off and disintegrates. However, the Quicksilver gland was sabotaged at its creation by scientist Arnaud DeFehrn to release a neurotoxin that accumulates in the bloodstream and causes intense pain, followed by antisocial behavior and psychosis. The host requires regular doses of "counteragent" to keep him sane and healthy, which is controlled by said government agency. This series lasted for two seasons, before being cancelled due to cost issues and internal bickering between the Sci Fi Channel and its then-parent company, USA Networks. The show's first season ran concurrently in first-run syndication as well as on Sci Fi. Read More



Episode 22: The New Stuff
Episode 21: Enemy of My Enemy
Episode 20: Possessed
Episode 19: Mere Mortals
Episode 18: The Invisible Woman
Episode 17: Exposed
Episode 16: Sense Of Community
Episode 15: Three Phases Of Claire
Episode 14: Father Figure
Episode 13: Immaterial Girl
Episode 12: The Choice
Episode 11: Germ Theory
Episode 10: Flash to Bang
Episode 9: Bad Chi
Episode 8: Den of Thieves
Episode 7: Insensate
Episode 6: Brother's Keeper
Episode 5: Going Postal
Episode 4: Johnny Apocalypse
Episode 3: The Importance of Being Eberts
Episode 2: The Camp
Episode 1: Legends
Episode 23: Money for Nothing (2)
Episode 22: Money for Nothing (1)
Episode 21: The Lesser Evil
Episode 20: Diseased
Episode 19: Frozen in Time
Episode 18: Perchance to Dream
Episode 17: Flowers for Hobbes
Episode 16: Ghost of a Chance
Episode 15: Beholder
Episode 14: Cat & Mouse
Episode 13: Reunion
Episode 12: The Other Invisible Man
Episode 11: It Hurts When You Do This
Episode 10: Separation Anxiety
Episode 9: The Value of Secrets
Episode 8: Liberty & Larceny
Episode 7: The Devil You Know
Episode 6: Impetus
Episode 5: Tiresias
Episode 4: Ralph
Episode 3: The Catevari
Episode 2: Pilot (2)
Episode 1: Pilot (1)