The Invisible Man (1975) (1975)


Genre: Adventure , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: Dr. Daniel Westin was a scientist working with a government thinktank known as the KLAE Corporation who was rendered invisible by a formula concocted by himself that was supposed to be used for matter transformation. Before he can return to normal, Westin discovers the federal government has plans to use his invisibility formula for warlike purposes, so he destroys the only formula. Unfortunately he has no way to become visible again, so, wearing a very realistic face mask and hands, he becomes an agent for KLAE, fighting crime and battling saboteurs, while simultaneously working in KLAE's laboratory with wife Kate to rediscover his formula. Walter Carlson was their sympathetic boss at KLAE. Read More



Episode 13: An Attempt to Save Face
Episode 12: Power Play
Episode 11: Sight Unseen
Episode 10: The Klae Dynasty
Episode 9: Pin Money
Episode 8: Stop When Red Lights Flash
Episode 7: Go Directly to Jail
Episode 6: Barnard Wants Out
Episode 5: Eyes Only
Episode 4: Man of Influence
Episode 3: The Fine Art of Diplomacy
Episode 2: The Klae Resource
Episode 1: The Invisible Man