The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (2002)


Plot: Inspector Lynley (Nathaniel Parker) and Sergeant Havers (Sharon Small), are Elizabeth George's crime-cracking duo from opposite sides of the track. No detective is better suited to expose the secrets of the upper classes than Lynley, himself the eighth Earl of Asherton. And while Havers may not know her earl from her escargot, she knows how to dig for clues in places a bit too seedy for the well-manicured Lynley. Read More



Episode 2: Know Thine Enemy
Episode 1: Limbo
Episode 4: In The Blink Of An Eye
Episode 3: Chinese Walls
Episode 2: One Guilty Deed
Episode 1: Natural Causes
Episode 4: Word of God
Episode 3: The Seed of Cunning
Episode 2: In the Guise of Death
Episode 1: In Divine Proportion
Episode 4: If Wishes Were Horses
Episode 3: A Cry for Justice
Episode 2: A Traitor to Memory
Episode 1: In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner
Episode 4: Deception on His Mind
Episode 3: A Suitable Vengeance
Episode 2: In the Presence of the Enemy
Episode 1: Playing for the Ashes
Episode 4: Missing Joseph
Episode 3: For the Sake of Elena
Episode 2: Payment In Blood
Episode 1: Well-Schooled In Murder